Jambu Biji Thailand Organik “SELVY” ITC Permata Hijau

Guava. What is this name of Guava? Seller: Thailand Guava. Thailand Guava. Seller: Yes. Seller: The Thai is very hot. So this is called Guava Thailand. Adam: How much is this (1 portion)? Seller: Rp. 20,000. (Guava Thailand Organic “Selvy” ITC Permata Hijau). Adam: Is the marinade mixed or not? Seller: Can be mixed, can be separated. (Guava Thailand Organic “Selvy” ITC Permata Hijau). Seller: Can be mixed, can be separated. (Guava Thailand Original, Rp. 20,000). (Guava Thailand Original Spicy, Rp. 20,000). (Guava Thailand Extra Spicy, Rp. 20,000). The menu (Guava Thailand) is various. (Guava Thailand Palm Sugar, Rp. 20,000). This fruit is like Guava, isn’t it? Seller: Yes it is, this is Guava. There are seeds in the middle. Seller: Yes there is. Ooh, but (the seed) was discarded first, isn’t it? Seller: Yes. Seller: Because the seeds are not sweet enough. Oooh Seller: The skin (Guava Thailand “SELVY”) is sweeter. doesn’t have (Guava) to try, Bro? Adam: But the skin (guava) has been peeled, isn’t it? Seller: Yes, the skin has been peeled. Adam: What is the shape of the skin? Seller: We doesn’t have (Guava) to try, bro. Ooh, okay. Seller: The problem is that each fruit (Thailand Guava “Selvy”) has been cut to fit 8 pieces. Oooh, I see. That (Guava) has you Bro “Adam”. Seller: Yes. Seller: Which marinade do you want? Adam: Mix marinade. Seller: Mixed? Adam: Separated that marinade. Seller: Separated but mixed. Adam: The thing is I want to try the spices Adam: 8 pieces (Thailand Guava). Seller: Here, here (the seasoning). Seller: Seasoning (Guava Thailand “SELVY”) there are only 4 variants. Seller: Thank you. Seller: Any one to order?. Thailand Guava. “SELVY” have Guava Palm Sugar Bro “Adam”. Adam: You said you want to eat on 4th floor? Yes (Guava Thailand Organic “SELVY” ITC Permata Hijau).

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