Hello everyone! I’m Mario Gabud and welcome to the second edition of Friday special – Q&A’s. You’ve asked some questions on the last video, I will look them up and try to answer some of them. Stay tuned… Let me browse through questions quickly…. “Are you practicing any martial arts and how much does the gym membership cost?” I started training martial arts some 10 years ago. First I trained boxing for about 2 years. Then I trained kick-boxing for another 2 years. After that I switched to MMA and trained for it for about 4 years and for the last 2 years I’ve been wrestling. And the monthly gym membership costs 200 HRK for men and 150 HRK for women. Moving on… “Can you recommend any timer app for keeping track of rounds (for example 1 minute round and 20 seconds rest) that I won’t need to reset all the time?” Well, the app I use is called Impetus. I don’t know if it’s Apple compatible. So, Impetus, it’s a great app. I’ve installed it on my Samsung phone and it’s really user-friendly, I didn’t’ have any problems with it. “What’s your opinion on weight gainers?” Well, weight gainer as a supplement that consists of carbohydrates (i.e. sugars) and proteins can be a bit pricy. I think it’s better (or cheaper) if you decide to mix your own weight gainer. As you could see in a number of my videos, I always use a mixture of unflavored protein and sugar Maltodextrin to mix my own weight gainer. So, my opinion on weight gainers is that they are an unnecessary and more expensive solution. Do they have any effect? Well, they add some extra calories to your nutrition so if you plan on gaining more weight they are quite useful. Of course, your nutrition is always the most important thing in achieving results and no supplement will help you on its own. Moving on… I’m 18 years old and I’m training athletics. If I don’t start getting good results I was planning on switching to MMA when I’m 20 or 21. Is too late to start then and what is your opinion on when is the best time to start fighting professionally?” Well, I started training MMA when I was 21 but I trained martial arts before which is somewhat similar and gave me a great stand-up skills. It’s never too late if you were an athlete for the most part of your life because you have developed the motor and functional skills of your body and will be able to learn the proper technique for MMA. I’m sure you will be physical fit if you keep training athletics. All in all, It’s never too late to start and there are a lot of real life examples of World-class athletes that started relatively late in their life. So, don’t worry, keep training. “When is the best time to start training for professional fights?” Well, the best time to start training for one sport in particular is when you are 14 years old when you will be able to develop the motor and functional skill of your body needed particularly for the sport in question. Those skills will later allow you to specialize in that sport and learn the necessary techniques. So, the best time to start specializing in martial arts is when you are 12-14 years old. “Is it useful to switch from eating regular chocolate to protein chocolate bars?” Well, protein bars can be quite expensive so in my opinion they are an unnecessary expense. But, they are more useful than regular chocolate. All in all, if you are already making a choice, it would be for the best if you choose to skip chocolate altogether. That’s the best answer I can give you. And the last question… “How can I increase my appetite?” I assume the person in question wants to gain weight. If you wish to gain more weight you can’t eat only when you are hungry! I recommend you to schedule your meal plan for the day, 5-6 times per day minimum. Personally, I’m never too much stuffed or too hungry. I simply eat when I scheduled the meal, no matter how hungry I am at the time. SO, if you wish to gain more weight you simply have to schedule your meals. But, if you really want to increase your appetite, I think eating excessively will increase your appetite over time but I wouldn’t suggest this solution. It’s best to schedule your meals and stick to the schedule no matter how hungry you are or aren’t. For the end, I would like to send my regard to Lukas Mihić and Karlo Pelivanović. Guys, I salute you. Thank you for following my work, keep following in future interesting videos. Lukas asked me to make a video on muscle-ups. I will do it as soon as I find the time in a week or two. I will make a tutorial for muscle-ups. Thank you all for watching this video. I hope you like these Friday specials – Q&As. Let me know in the comment section whether you like this type of communication. I mentioned last time that I started this section so we could communicate some more since you started to comment and participate more and more. I’m really glad for it and hope you will continue with it. That’s all. Ask your questions for the next week’s special and I will answer them in my video. Bye!

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  1. "PETAK JE DAN ZA METAK" je naziv serijala u kojem cu svaki petak odgovarati na Vasa pitanja koja mi postavite prethodni petak u komentarima na videu. Nadam se da Vam se svida ideja i da cemo se druziti i dalje.
    Sportski pozdrav, Mario

  2. Rijetko ko daje ovoliko besplatnih savjeta…
    Mnoogo sam naucio na ovom kanalu za ovih malo videa.
    Bravo brate😃❤💪

  3. Za sljedeci: par pitanja u vezi tvojih tetovaza?! Koliko dugo imas te tetovaze? Kako si odlucio da ih uradis? Da li imaju neko znacenje? Da li planiras jos neke uraditi ? JA mislim da bi bilo cool da uradis i drugu ruku hehee pozz .

  4. Sto se mene tice ovako je najbolje… a pitanje je: Da li smijem uzimati proteine ako imam 14 godina da li je bolja vanilija ili cokolada po okusu… Pozipos

  5. Moze li se bez zadnjih i prednjih cucnjeva razviti neka dobra masa u nogama?Pitam zato sto nisam u mogucnosti da izvodim te pokrete

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