Kasi Halwa /Ashgourd or White Pumpkin / Guest Special Recipe/ Indian dessert

kasi halwa is famous in south india take 1 1/2 cup ashgourd or white pumpkin preferbaly in an iron pan to enghance the texture and color while non stick is good for not burning , cooking time is less in iron pot no mil kis added so its easy to make , no nned to wait like carrot halwa to get milk evaporated all the water should be evaporated before next stage otherwise there will be raw taste adding saffron ito hot water to enhance taste color saffron is used its optional , u can use yellow color instead in another pan add 1 tsp ghee to fry raisins and cashew add saffron water before adding sugar texture will changeb if u add water after sugar dissolves u can make this sweet once guest are coming all these are home based ingredient if kids are not eating vegetables this a great sweet for kids do not forget to stir in the vegetable otherwise it will get burnt adding sugar 1 2 cup and water will ooze out making the texture glossy and sticky u can replace 1 2 cup with sugar to 1/ 4 cup based on ur sweet tooth adding cardamom powder u can give it to guests , its a non fussy recipe and tasty too and rich flavour only 2 tsp ghee is used not much u can replace ghee with butter in places where u dnt get ghee color and texture started to change now if u want u can add milk at this stage 1 /2 cup milk adding ghee from the fried nuts u get glossy light brown color smell of saffron and cardomomis already in the room

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