Khasam Singh S01 E06 || Celebrity Star Dum || Comedy Web || Team Qasutta

Hey! are you crazy? You following me here too I am pissed about this stardom thing I know I am quite popular You paparazzi, let me do Poo first You should wait there, please move, I will be there OMG! I get my knee hit Oh picture
Yeah Hey take this frame with you Oh so guys You can see, I am the one We are rich because of your likes, comments & subscriptions We are too rich Now I start wearing new t-shirts Brand new jeans too Even you have noticed that Gorgeous Girl Clicked a selfie with me She has a frame with herself Myself with Fame just all because of you You know I should be famous more years back But I just met with an accident I fall from tubewell while harvesting the fields than back pain all those years Now everyone just wants me They keep on inviting me everywhere You understand everywhere means everywhere Sometimes those bus conductors ask for the ticket, But that’s a different thing So being famous is cool, now I am invited as chief guest Whether its birth anniversary or death anniversary We don’t go to the gym we prefer lunch There were old times our ancestors have a good appetite Now we have a different option, like fast food and bakery things. Many people invite me to inauguration ceremony Feeling really good Because I feel so that I deserve all these honor I was invited to Fashion show too I have to do Catwalk I thought of that what catwalk is I am a fat ass bull how catwalk is possible for me Then as I am intelligent enough to understand Even I know English Cat is a cat walk means walk Walk like a cat, so easy to understand But I my case I am bull and Cat is small Its not possible to cat walk So than bull has to be like bull You can easily identify Haryanvi guy, the way they walk Although I in my case you can’t differentiate my stomach and chest We went to fashion show When I entered at the gate, they stopped me I thought they want a selfie with me He asked me who am I I said I am a chief guest He said you look like you wanna fight I said I can beat you boy So what I want to say that Those who are stars they look different Pradhan! Bohemia! Even I am planning for really good music videos too Till the time keep like us share us and subscribe us Haters gonna hate, let the winners win Let;s go now

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