Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop Review

Hello! I’m Joan 😁
Today, I’m going to do a product review! Last time, I shared the who, what, where, when, and why for the Son & Park Beauty Water so I’ll do the same! Many of you guys thought the product review was helpful so I wanted to upload another one today 😊 After toner, I use two drops on each cheek and one on my forehead – morning & night! When I first tried it, I felt a tingling/burning sensation, but when I touched my face, it was still smooth. After a good night sleep, I already saw results! My skin was brightened and it reduced my acne scars & hyper pigmentation. Here are pictures from Day 1 & Day 4! I took about 5 pictures a day so I can choose from similar lighting 😄 You can buy this on wishtrend’s website for $23.
I think it’s about 25,000won? I don’t know… The link is in the description box! I want to recommend this for people who want to brighten their skin & reduce acne scars! Please like & subscribe! I’ll see you guys in my next video. Bye! 💕

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100 thoughts on “Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop Review

  1. Hi Joan! Can you please suggest some products that can help in minimizing pores? I already asked Eddie and he suggested the combo of Innisfree no sebum primer and mineral powder for makeup and the Innisfree clay mask. They all work great! But I still want to know if there are any more products you can recommend :)) Also, can I maybe request a vlog about your fave clothing shops/brands and restos in Seoul? I'm visiting this coming April/May so it would be a great help to me! Thanks love! xx

  2. Hello Joan. I heard that Vitamin C is quite sensitive to lighting. So do I need to use day moisturizer/cream with SPF after this in my morning routine?

  3. Hey Joan, I love watching your videos! Just an advice, I think your single product review videos can just a bit more detailed! I think it would be more useful.

  4. omg ive been eyeing this product for a while and after seeing this video, im definitely going to buy it. thank you so much for your great reviews 💓💓 love your videos so mjch

  5. Yay happy you made a review on this I purchased it recently and I'm glad it works well now I can't wait to receive mine in the mail!!!

  6. Omg, I have been looking for something light to help with pigmentation. After purchasing the Conair Tru Glow brush my skin has been clearing up so much but any that come up scar so bad even if I don't touch. The Klaires drop seems like a good price point. Am excited to give it a go!

  7. Hey, Joan. The results from the pictures was really obvious. Ur skin become so nice after that. Do u use this as a serum everyday or do u use it twice a week when u want to brighten and treat ur acne scars?

  8. yay! I just saw this product the other day and was wondering how effective it is and if it was worth it. Now I'm going to go place my order! bye bye acne scars ~ thanks so much Joan!! ♡

  9. Hi Joan! 🙂
    I have acne scars on my face but I'm currently breaking out as well. :'(
    Do you think this product will be suitable for me?

  10. Short, sweet and right to the point with your review.☺ Your results are amazing, I'm so glad it's working for you!!😁 I've tried the OST C20 Vit. C serum (I think that's the name lol) and it was okay, I wasn't that impressed with it. But this looks really promising. Thanks for the review, Joan! Have a great day~

  11. Love all your videos! Definitely adding this to my skincare list 😀
    Try their BB cream and let us know if it's worth all the hype <3

  12. 👋🏾! Is it required to apply serum and essence after using it? Or simply apply moisturizer after it? Anws, you're so pretty! ☺️

  13. Hi Joan, thank you for sharing this video. May I ask if you advice that this product can be used on the eye area? Thanks!

  14. Hi Joan! I just wanted to say I love all your videos! I want to Klair serum because I have been suffering with acne for 6 years and have a lot of hyper pigmentation. Hopefully I could win the serum to help my acne prone skin! 🍋🍋🍋

  15. Hi Joan! I would like to win Klair's freshly juice vitamin drop because I have been suffering acne since high school and has left some acne scars hopefully this serum can help speed up the process of fading away the acne scars. Have a great day! ^.^ 🍋🍋🍋

  16. For people that are from Singapore and wish to purchase this, head over to Qoo10 and search for wish trend user! I just bought this and I do felt the slightly heated sensation! Hopefully I do see result so I can recommend my mum for her dark spots! 🙂

  17. i am visiting korea and i am trying to find this in seoul, but i haven't seen it yet. do you know where i could go to find this item in store?

  18. Can you use this serum along with the vitamin c 21.5 serum not at the same time but one in the morning and the other at night?


  20. This serum looks perfect for my hyperpigmented skin 🙂 I was thinking of picking up the Paula's Choice serum but I might check this out instead!

  21. Hi! I'm really curious about these vitamin C serums but since it's kinda pricey I wanna know that I bought the right one. Have you heard about the OST Vitamin C serum? It's also from WishTrend. If you ever try it please share your thoughts 🙂

  22. Hi Joan, have you tried belif products? especially their moisturiser, the belif aqua bomb and the belif moisture bomb. I hope you can do a review in the future 🙂 thank you so much for your honest reviews. I'm excited to get my hands on the klairs serum 🙂

  23. At 1:32 that was it, after I saw those results I opened a new tab and ordered this product. Thank you for this review! I can't wait to try it~!

  24. Hey, Joan!
    I'm planning on purchasing this product and wanted to ask you how to apply it. After toner I typically use a face mask and then a sleeping mask before bed so when would I apply this?
    Hoping to hear from you ~

  25. Oh at night in case she jeogeosseul jeogeoba reugo the lotion and Soothing Gel? would you do that for me, you can put on some young and so only when you write to work to live? That should put the morning and evening how well…ToT
    I had no idea what it well … 😂😂

  26. Thanks for your honest review, do you wait at least 10-15 minutes before continuing your skincare routine? Or do you just go onto the next product ?

  27. Hi! May i know what you have on your lips? They look really good. I mean not to sound creepy but they look healthy and moisturized really well. Thanks!

  28. Hi, I have few questions about the product. I heard some people are complaining klairs c drops making them darker? Whats the reason or which steps they are doing properl? I am going to purchase this C serum. I have pigmentation problem and brown spots, mild melasma. Should I use klairs vitamin c drops?

  29. i have been wondering, i would love to use this serum everynight, but i also want to use laneige sleeping mask
    is it okay i use the serum first and wait for a while, after that i use my sleeping mask? thankyou

  30. am I supposed to use it during morning or night? shall I use it after toner and first essence or before that considering the ph factor? plz reply..thanks!

  31. I've been using this klairs vitamin c drop for 3 wks with once a week exfoliation using peeling gel. i am loving it. unfortunately, one day i woke up with lots of bumps all over my cheeks. 😖 i dunno what to do. 😭

  32. Does anyone know if this serum is an ,,active" like the OST C20 serum or ,,non-active" ?
    Because when it is an active my skincare routine would be : Cleansing, ph adjusting toner , Klairs vitamin c serum, bha , aha, then the rest. BUT if its not an active the order is cleansing, actives , FTE , Toner , Essence, Klairs vitamin c serum , etc.

  33. Hi @joankeem.. I really like to watch your video review..but I cant stop watching ur lipstick colour..its really nice..may I know what brand did u use and what is the colour that u use for this video? 😍

  34. tq im new with korean skincare. and i found ur channel.. ur channel is very informative.. really love ur channel..

  35. Hello i just want to ask if i can use this before applying the cosrx advanced snail 96 mucin power essence, or it will work better if i use the cosrx ultimate nourishing rice, because i have very dry skin. I hope you can help me. Thank you😀😀

  36. i've bough products and made a routine, how do i make sure that it's the right product for my skin and that it's safe?

  37. Is it okay to use this product everyday? Or is it one of those use every other day, etc.? (I'm a virgin with skincare products.)

  38. When I first try it on my skin , the serum suddenly become warm (more like hot)once it touched my skin , is it normal ? Or there is something weird on my product ?

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