Korea needs $20 bil. supplementary budget to reach 3% growth rate this year: thi

″경제성장률 3% 달성하려면 추경
22조원 필요″ In order for Korea to reach its projected
three-percent growth rate this year… it will need a supplementary budget of at least
20 billion U.S. dollars. That′s according to a report released Sunday
by the Seoul-based Hyundai Research Institute. It cited fallout from last April′s Sewol-ho
ferry disaster and sputtering exports as reasons for the slow economic recovery.
But the situation is expected to worsen as the current MERS outbreak continues.
The think tank said however, that extra government cash should help the economy back
onto the right track. Finance Minister Choi Kyung-hwan says he
would decide on whether to draw up an extra budget by the end of this month

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