Lactase Pills – Tales from the Genome

I can’t imagine living in a world without being able to drink milk with my cookies. But fortunately today, we have the ability to digest lactose products even if you’re lactose intolerant.>>Some companies actually sell a product which is lactase in pill form. You don’t make lactase? No problem. They’ll try to provide it for you in a bioactive form to help you digest that lactose. Essentially what it does is put the lactase in your stomach to digest the lactose so that the bacteria in your gut doesn’t have to do it and you don’t have to get those side effects.>>So let’s take this scenario, Miriam is lactate non persistent meaning that she shows signs of lactose intolerance. After hanging out with some friends they decide to go out for ice cream which has lactose in it. So she wouldn’t be left out, Miriam took a lactase pill so that she could enjoy the ice cream with her friends, without all the side effects of lactose intolerance. So I want you to tell me, which of the following statements apply to Miriam? Make sure to check all statements that apply.

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