Laurel Or Yanny – DEBUNKED And Explained

all right which did you
hear did you hear Laurel or did you hear ya nee this has been going viral all
over the internet for the past day or so and nobody really had a good explanation
I was with my friend yesterday and I was watching this and I was like dude this
is crazy there is no way that this is actually like two different audios like
yanny or Laurel I was like dude this is definitely a hundred percent yanny and
then I tried to find like an explanation there was nothing so I did my own
hardcore research and I’ve gotten an explanation for you guys normally I do
not make videos like this but dude this has been going way too crazy and I just
needed to make a video on this so we’ll play the clip one more time let me know
what you guys hear in the comments let me know if you hear ya nee or Laurel and
I’m gonna get into the explanation right now moral moral so in psychology
something like this is called a bi-stable illusion because you can be
hearing two different things and it’s like one recording right and basically
the way this works is these are two different words Yandy and Laurel and
they vibrate in different frequencies right so for example Laurel that’s more
of a lower frequency Laurel and Yony that’s like a that’s like kind of
squeaky you know that’s like a higher frequency right and when you put them
together the higher frequency basically like covers lower frequency and when you
when is somebody who can like actually hear higher frequency mainly if it’s
like you’re if it you’re younger you can hear a higher frequency better and if
like you’re not using like music headphones cuz those like emphasize bass
and stuff those should be picking up more lower frequency so for example if
I’m hearing Annie Annie Annie and I want to hear Laurel that’s easier for me to
do than it is for me to hear ya nee from Laurel if that makes sense because what
the higher frequencies covering the lower frequency but you can take this
one away the way you can take away the the higher frequencies by using like
music headphones something for sure that you can do though if you don’t hear
Laurel and you want to be able to hear Laurel is you can have somebody call you
because what happens is the phone takes away most of the higher frequency
so if somebody calls you and plays the same recording that you’ve been hearing
ever single time in the year Indiana like 99%
of the time you start hearing Laurel over the phone which is absolutely crazy
and what actually happened to me yesterday was I kept on here in Jonnie
Jonnie Jonnie then I watched a YouTube video of like a like a really bad
explanation it was garbage but um you’re like kind of separated it and I kind of
heard Laurel in the video and then right after I would heard Laurel every single
time and it was just crazy but share this video to anybody else who’s been
wondering about the Laurel or anything if you guys enjoyed this explanation
make sure you guys let me know in the comments drop a like on this video if
you enjoyed subscribe for workout fighting fitness advice peace out guys

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5 thoughts on “Laurel Or Yanny – DEBUNKED And Explained

  1. It switches with me. In the morning when I’m awake, it’s Yanny. In the afternoon when I’m tired and groggy, it’s laurel

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