Lawmakers fire questions at gov’t officials regarding supplementary budget

Lawmakers are expected to fire questions at
government officials regarding the issue of allocating this year’s supplementary budget,…
continuing their Special Committee on Budget and Accounts meeting.
For more, we go to our Shin Se-min at the National Assembly.
Se-min, tell us more. Good morning,… the Q&A session begun minutes
ago,… and one of the major talking points is expected to be regarding the extra budget
plan,… set to be submitted to the parliament later this month.
Now the focus here is that the money expected to be spent this year,.. is likely to be double
the size of the last year’s supplementary budget spent directly to regional economy,…
as portions of last year’s extra fund had been used to make-up for the losses caused
by last year’s MERS outbreak. The government is hinting that this year’s
extra budget will be around six trillion won,… or some five-point-two billion U.S. dollars,…
the largest amount since 2009,… considering that it’s sole purpose is to boost the local
economy. In the past, the government has allocated
extra government funds in the case of natural disasters or a recession,… like after the
sinking of Sewol-ho ferry in 2014 and the outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome
in 2015 deeply affected the economy. The finance ministry says the government and
the ruling Saenuri Party will go over the details of this year’s extra budget plan on
Friday Shin Se-min, Arirang News.

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