Lawsuit Says Protein Bars Are Mislabeled And Don’t Contain Advertised Ingredients

Over the last year, we’ve talked a lot about
food products here on this program that claim to contain one thing only to find out that
they don’t really contain it. But this might be one of the first times ever
we’ve had to talk about a product that isn’t the actual product that it claims to be. This is a very interesting story. It is about the Bio-Nutritional Research Group’s
Power Crunch protein bar and I have Scott Hardy with Top Class Actions here with me
to tell us what’s happening. And Scott, as I said, we’ve talked a lot,
you know, sometimes they say, oh, we have all natural ingredients when in fact they
don’t, no preservatives when in fact they do have preservatives. This case isn’t exactly like that. This is like blatant, I don’t want to say
false advertising, but I also want to say false advertising with what this company’s
doing with their protein bars. Take it away. Yeah, when I read through it, I felt the same
way. I was like, all right, well, another, you
know, no natural flavorings. I don’t know if we want to cover this. And then we read through it. I went, holy moly, this is a lot. We’ve already received over a hundred comments
on this article. And the class action lawsuit claims that the
chocolate mint bar does not really contain mint oil. The salted caramel bar does not actually contain
caramel. The French vanilla cream bar does not contain
vanilla flavoring or vanilla extract. And the wild berry cream bar, oh, also does
not actually contain wild berry puree. So we have a number of products here that
simply just, I don’t know what the heck is in them, but it sure doesn’t appear that the
ingredients that are on their label are in the bars themselves. So the mislabeling here is a major problem. When you have people that are trying to eat
healthier, trying to possibly lose weight, they’re, you know, they’re in the gym, they’re
trying to get these Power Crunch bars as a healthier option. But low and behold, some of the main ingredients
aren’t even in there that they, that they should be. You know, it to me, it’s almost like buying
a pack of M and M’s, but it’s just the shell. There’s nothing inside of it. You know, where, where’s the actual thing
that that’s supposed to be in here? Buying Oreos without the cream in the middle. I mean that, that’s kind of what we’re looking
at here. If you buy something that’s called a salted
caramel bar, it’s reasonable to think that, oh, there’s salted caramel in this. Oh, this is chocolate mint, I bet I’m going
to taste chocolate and meant in this, and I’m sure it’s somewhere on that ingredient
package. So this, this is kind of blatant what this
company is doing here. It’s just saying slap a label on it, put a
name on it, list some flavors in the title of it and we’ll call it a day. But, but that’s not how it works. People are buying these things, which, you
know, not to, not the most expensive, but certainly not the cheapest out there. They’re buying them because they see these
names, they see these titles on them and they say, hey, I am trying to be healthier. I do want the protein bar. I like these flavors. I’m making this choice based on that. And when they lie about it, they’ve taken
that choice away from us. They sure have. I mean, if you’re buying the wild berry cream
Power Crunch bar, you are expecting that there are some wild berries in there in that puree
and not just flavorings and extracts and synthetic, the synthetic equivalent of wild berry cream. It’s pretty cut and dry when you take a look
at some of these class actions. And this one, I, I really hope that Bio-Nutritional
Research Group actually works for their customers because there are probably people out there
that love these bars and had no idea that they’re not actually getting the ingredients
that they’re promised on that wrapper. Hopefully they’ll come forth and say, yes,
we’re sorry, we are fixing it. We are coming out with real, all natural. We’re going to put caramel in our caramel
bars and fruit in our fruit bars. How about that? That would be wonderful. Very, very novel idea actually putting in
your product what you claim is already in your product. And it’s sad that, you know, I mean we, we,
we laugh about that, but that really you and I have talked about this too many times. We have just seen too many companies doing
these kinds of things and for the most part it’s because if nobody were to challenge these
with these lawsuits, they would continue to get away with it. We as consumers would be paying a premium
for something that doesn’t technically exist. And that is why these lawsuits are so important. It’s not just because somebody didn’t get
caramel when they wanted caramel. It’s because the company’s not being honest
with you and they just charged you more money for something that’s not even there. Exactly. If you put it on the box, let’s put it in
the box. Don’t just print it. Let’s see it. Make sure that you’re not just making it taste
good that you are, but you’re giving us what’s promised and your customers will be happy
and the class action lawyers we work with will be unhappy because they can’t file a
case against you. For more information about this issue, please
follow the link in the description of this video. Head on over to Top Class Actions and while
you’re there make sure you sign up for their weekly newsletter. Scott Hardy with Top Class Actions. Always a pleasure talking to you. Great talking to you too, Farron. Thank you.

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26 thoughts on “Lawsuit Says Protein Bars Are Mislabeled And Don’t Contain Advertised Ingredients

  1. Its a flavored protein bar.

    Its primary purpose is clearly marketed.

    Class action participants should get nothing.

    Manufacture should add the word "flavored" in order to protect the undiagnosed, functionally retarded.

    They are the biggest of the blizzard,
    But theyre right about the flakes.

  2. Guys, if you want to loose weight then there is no shortcut, period! Here the simple recipe to loose weight, anyone can easily do it:
    – burn 1000 kcals/day by exercising, even if it is just walking, gardening…
    – eat a lot of vegetables
    – just eat non-processed food. It has been shown that people who can eat whatever they want eat more calories each day when they eat processed food compared to non-processed or little processed food. If the food didn't exist hundreds of years ago then you probably shouldn't eat it.
    – eat proteins, fats and carbohydrates every meal and in the right ratio. Don't freak out about fats, just eat healthy fast (like avocado)
    – this one should be clear without me saying it: don't drink calories!!!!! No soda, no energy-drinks, no juice (mostly fake by the way)

    That is all, folks.

  3. Omg!!!!! I eat these all of the time!!! 😱 Last week I actually began to distrust them with their new dumb labeling!

  4. I never was deluded that there was natural ingredients. Most of these bars don’t taste that good. I guess I now know why.

  5. To be fair, the company prob. could have been more cautious and printed warning on the label "DOES NOT CONTAIN ACTUAL xxx". But at the same time they never advertised their Power Crunch Bars to have natural flavors + ingredients instead of artificial. A lot of Dunkin' and Starbucks drinks also use similar artificial flavoring. 😰

  6. One 12 oz energy drink sold in the exercise fitness gym had 2,500.00alories. People were exercising to loose weight drinking all those calories no one could burn that many calories in one hour. The owner said he didn't look at the drunk' s .calorie count before selling the drink. And he said he would not sell it anymore.

  7. I don't want to be defending Rich capitalist bastards, but people who buy These Bars because they think they're healthy are fucking retards

    These Bars should be bought because they last outside the refrigerator and they have protein in them, it's like a hiking bar

    it has nothing to do with healthy

    just like how not every vegan food is healthy

    it just doesn't contain animal products that does not mean its healthy

  8. A minute in, I'm thinking of that episode of the Simpsons, and the two cops are discussing whether the Shamrock shake is actually mint, or if the green makes you think it tastes like mint when it's just vanilla with green food coloring ( like a placebo effect).
    Anyways, this sucks! How food companies get away with this stuff and I feel the govt needs to step up. I bet businesses can put cyanide in food and vape pens currently and get away with it even if they killed hundreds of people.

  9. Is this really a thing? Are people complaining about the name given to a protien bar? I eat ONE protein bars labeled maple doughnut. Now I never thought they are using maple or doughnut dough. This is supposed to be a healthy snack. I am curious about how they make it taste so spot on.

  10. i remember one time i had a rodent problem, even THEY wouldn't eat them, sure, they would do anything else to them, but they wouldn't eat them, because they probably didn't see the bars as food (this included granola bars, btw, not just power bars) they tried to eat plastic bags, they would get into pretty much everything they could bite through, but not the power / granola bars.. .. they didn't seem to mind them as a bathroom though, oddly enough

  11. And this is the exact reason why the EU doesn't want a trade agreement with the US. We have a way way higher standard of consumer protection, because in Europe the health of consumers matter more than company profits.

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