Lean Bulking Tips: Mini Cuts To Gain Muscle Faster

Yo, what is going on guys? Troy here. WeightGainNetwork.com. In today’s video I’m going to talk about the
importance of mini-cut cycling to pack on more muscle mass and have less body fat during
your bulking cycle. Now mini-cut cycling is actually going to
help you build more lean muscle mass. It’s going to help you increase your testosterone. And when it gets to spring and summer time,
you’re trying to get really ripped, really lean, get those six-pack abs, you’re going
to have much less body fat, so if you want to pack on the most amount of lean muscle
mass during your bulking season, minimizing your fat storage as well so you can get really
cut, this video is specifically for you, so part one I’m going to break down what a mini-cut
cycle is, part two I’m going to break down the calories and length in a mini-cycle and
then part three we’re going to dive into the x-factors that are going to take your mini-cut
cycle to the next level. Let’s dive right into it. A mini cut is we’re dropping as much fat as
possible in as little time as possible to allow us to spend more time in a gaining cycle,
which is going to result in bigger strength and bigger size gains when we look at the
course of say 20 to 26 weeks. Think of it like this, this is say an anabolic
bridge which is going to allow you to spend more time over the course of the year in a
mass-gaining phase without packing on a bunch of body fat so it is the perfect complement
to guys who are trying to get really big and really strong in a fast period of time who
don’t want to pack on a lot of excess body fat. So think about the average calorie surplus
or the average mass building diet, you’re going to pack on a little bit of body fat
even if it’s 2 to 4 pounds of body fat a month, this is going to add up to say 10 to 15 pounds
of body fat over the course of say a couple months. That’s going to be a bitch to try to cut off
in say 8 to 12 weeks when it’s spring time and you want to look really ripped. By throwing in these little mini cuts, it’s
going to allow us to strategically not slow down on metabolism, but burn the maximum amount
of body fat and belly fat, actually skyrockets some hormones, which I’m going to get into
and still make strength and size gains. All right guys, we’re talking length of a
mini cut. I want you to think of it like robbery. You are about to rob a bank, so robbing a
bank, you are in and then you are out before any damage occurs, so I want you to think
of your mini cut length the exact same way, in and out before any metabolic damage occurs
because remember in mini cut we have a drastic calorie deficit for a much shorter period
of time, so we’re going to lose more fat in less time. We’re not going to cause any metabolic damage
and then we’re going to go right back into our mass gaining phase, we’re going to pack
on slabs of lean muscle mass like an anabolic beast. So length of a mini-cut, one to four weeks,
now if you’re a serious hard gainer, you don’t have much body fat to lose, just do it for
one week. If you’re like me and you’re down to like
a four-pack sort of a six-pack and you want to get super shredded come spring and summer
time, I want you to do it for four weeks. Now timing is also really crucial on a mini-cut,
we’ve got all these holiday parties coming up, maybe going to a Christmas party. You throw on an ugly sweater, you’re going
to eat a bunch of cookies, you’re going to drink a bunch of eggnog, all of that junk
food that we all know we’re going to indulge in over the holiday Christmas parties. Maybe do a little mini-cut before then because
you know you’re going to pack on some body fat from say December 24th to January 2nd. Why not set yourself up to have higher testosterone
come in a little bit leaner so that way you can really enjoy the holidays knowing that
you went on a mini-cut right before. If you are trying to maximize your fat burning
and you want to get the most out of a mini cut. You packed on maybe a little more body fat
than you wanted to during bulking season, I want you to take your body weight and multiply
it by ten because remember, we’re only doing this for one to four weeks, so if you go on
a major calorie deficit, you’re not going to mess up your metabolism and cause metabolic
damage and by metabolic damage I mean you go back into a bulking phase with a sluggish
and slow metabolism because you drop your calories too much for too long of a period
of time. That’s what we actually avoid during this
mini-cut because we’re only doing it for one to four weeks, so if you want to maximize
fat loss, take your body weight by ten, so for me I’m like 195 pounds right now, so I
multiply that by ten that is 19, 50 calories for all you math geniuses out there. Now if maybe you’re fairly lean already. You’re like a hard gainer or you just happen
to be lucky and you only have like 9 or 10 percent body fat still out of bulking phase
take your body weight and multiply it by 12. For me personally, I’m going to be between
1950 and 2200 something calories for my mini cut. Talking x-factors, the devil’s always in the
details, so just a few x-factors that are going to help you take your mini-cut to the
next level. Number one – don’t drop your protein intake. You still need at least one gram of protein
per one pound of body weight because remember, you need those amino acids to repair that
damaged muscle tissue and number two, drop your fat, you’re going to drop your carbohydrates,
but don’t drop your carbohydrates too much around your work outs. In fact the only time of the day where I want
you guys to still eat carbohydrates on this mini cut is around your workout. So feel free to load up on one of my famous
mass building shake recipes post workout if you need a bunch of carbs or have a little
interwork out maltodextrin mixed in with your protein powder. Maybe you have some complex carbs before you
work out or after you work out. You want to make sure you’re in that calorie
deficit, but you still need carbohydrates around your workouts to maximize your workout
intensity. Now another little idea is intermittent fasting
with your mini-cut. Remember intermittent fasting – I did a video,
I don’t know, two months ago on intermittent fasting. It would be an incredible way to turn up your
energy levels and your testosterone levels on a mini cut. So if you put all your food in an eight-hour
eating window, you’re going to find that you have more energy, you have higher testosterone
levels and it’s much easier to follow a caloric deficit and me personally this is my strategy
on my mini cut. I’m going to do intermittent fasting between
16 and 18 hours hopefully see amazing results and I’m going to have awesome energy. I get all my important work done in the morning
when I’m on my fast and then I break my fast immediately after my workout. I actually do workout fasted on an empty stomach. I’ll mix in branched chain amino acids with
my preworkout and it just hits you so hard. Holy shit, when you take pre-workout and branched
chain amino acids on a completely empty stomach, it is going to hit you like a Komodo dragon. Shit is insane. So we have our carbohydrates around our workouts,
don’t drop your protein, try intermittent fasting and make sure you hit lots of testosterone
boosting foods, so things like Brazil nuts, organic whole eggs, grass-fed beef, wild caught
salmon, load up on those micronutrients, load up on lots of broccoli and cauliflower and
cabbage, those dark green vegies that have anti-estrogen properties. We want to maximize our hormonal level on
this mini-cut because remember like I said, your testosterone levels plummet to the ground
when you pack on to much body fat. This gives us a prime time to boost those
natural testosterone levels, so when we transition back into a mass gaining phase, we not only
have less body fat, we have higher testosterone levels. I’m going to sign off there guys. It is like 85 fricking degrees in Florida
and it is a couple weeks until Christmas time, so I’m going to sign off. I’m sweating through my Baby Gap T-shirt right
now, so I’m going to sign off for right now.

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12 thoughts on “Lean Bulking Tips: Mini Cuts To Gain Muscle Faster

  1. I was literally about to post a comment on one of your videos about this topic….thanks man! Keep up the great content!

  2. mini cut? lol. sounds stupid! just have a lean slow bulking phase. its dangerous to switch back and forth. just have lean protein and have gradual gains while eating healthy.

  3. I tried a clean bulk , went from 160lbs to 190 body weight my bench went up 35lbs, squat 75 lbs and dead 90 lbs I'm tall so don't have a lot of fat but lately i have plateau on all my lifts, gaining lots of belly and back fat and not getting any stronger or any gains I have changed nothing , I'm stuck don't know what do to please help

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