understand if you feel good
in your body will feel good it will set your head hi to all this video KAY nutrition
is now going to talk about carb first three parts we will see
what are carbohydrates secondly we will talk about their role
in the organization and third point I will give you examples of food
sources for both people who eat everything
for vegetarians we go for the first part that are carbohydrates?
already to start there are two categories of carbohydrates complex
carbs and simple carbs the Carbohydrates are essential for proper
functioning of muscles and good how the brain is the source
of energy most easily used by the body and the basic role
the essential role of carbohydrates it is the energy, we will speak
of complex carbohydrates, they are composed of several molecules
of simple carbohydrates that are converted into glucose during digestion
or do we find? are found just the bread pasta rice
on the certain cereals vegetables or pulses, we will talk about carbs Simple, it is the smallest
link in the carbohydrate family actually it is he who
is responsible for the sweet taste of foods, these simple carbohydrates
are represented by sucrose or refined white sugar, it is the same thing
as lactose which is present in milk and some dairy products
fructose contained in fruit, then you have some carbohydrate
foods that are essential to nutritional balance, cereals,
pulses, vegetables expense fruit and dairy careful!
Warning ! the carbs fruit and vegetables varies according
to several factors, their maturity, their origin,
type of heating and also if eaten alone or with meals, you
have certain foods that are indispensable for fun, it is those
that contain carbohydrates simple such as, honey,
jam, sweets and sodas other sugary drinks. Why? Because they contain, neither vitamins nor minerals or fiber and
therefore will unbalance the ration Caloric. Notice to
greedy like me chocolate biscuits and cakes
should not be deleted from rest assured supply you because they
contain other nutrients very interesting part, attention,
so a balanced diet that is I hope the small explanation
I have given you about carbohydrates have helped you see a
little clearer if you did not know really what the carbohydrates,
if you have not seen what the very important proteins, take
a quick look here, we must really understand all that
to know how to balance its attention to diet, we do not speak
of “diet” we can speak of “regime food “I prefer to use the term”
food rebalancing “because in the end we will have, if you want
to be fit physically as well inwardly and psychologically understand
how to balance his food to eat like that, you
really need either a new lifestyle if you decide that this will
be your new lifestyle because it is a mode that is very interesting
to be balanced and precisely that is interesting for
health, health really as I said “Mental health” was a little
bit as I pushed you say that but try to understand, if
you feel good about your body you feel good in your head that goes together and finally even at hair hair growth nails all goes
together everything will go in the right direction if everything
is finally balanced so I hope it all you will be enlightened remember if it’s
not already subscribe to you and activate the little bell down just
to be aware as soon as I put a new video online here I am making
you big kisses I told you next to Video BYE BYE

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  1. Coucou super vidéo 👍
    Juste petite rectification, le lactose il me semble que ce n’est pas un glucide simple car il est composé de galactose et de glucose 😅 et le saccharose est composé de fructose et de glucose 😅
    Le fructose, le galactose et le glucose étant des glucoses simple (nommé aussi sous le terme des oses)

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