Lose The Belly Fat – Sleep Hypnosis & Imagery To Slim Down Your Tummy & Waist

Slim Down Your Tummy [Lose Belly Fat] Nighttime Self Hypnosis

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23 thoughts on “Lose The Belly Fat – Sleep Hypnosis & Imagery To Slim Down Your Tummy & Waist

  1. I have noticed little tweeks in my diet since I started listening to this. I like it! Hopefully this will help me further along to incorporate some good dietary/exercise behaviors for leaning down.

  2. Any chance you could do one about slimming arms and thighs???? Those are some massive problem spots for me and I am in dire need of help.

  3. The music reminds me of a group called "Enigma" . The way she speaks although it's englinsh, I think it is her whisper .

  4. Great suggestions but music needs to be slightly quieter volume tends to surge in places but great🙂

  5. This works, each night I try it I actually feel tingles in my stomach and feel it tightened. Then in the morning my sleeping clothes gets looser and looser. For those who don't believe me just give it a try and see for yourself. Make sure to keep trying to get results. For me on the first listen it showed very prominent results. This is my 4th listen and I already lost 10lbs

  6. You said “ even if you excercise you may have difficulty with trouble spots.
    “. So far, all of your hypnosis recordings I’ve checked out have a negative affirmation in the first few minutes. This is highly irresponsible. If you care about people, you should delete these recordings Delilah Helton, shame on you.

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