Hello Friends! Welcome to Fit Tuber. In this video, I am going to share a muscle
building diet plan for students who are living in hostel or PG. Now, I have been living away from my home
for over 11 years now. And in these 11 years, I have lived in various
hostels and PGs. So I assure that all the meals that we are
going to discuss today are very much practical in hostel or PG life. Moreover, I completely understand that in
student life, we do not have a lot of money to spend on diet. Taking this into consideration, this diet
plan is very low in budget yet it is perfect for muscle building. I will share with you the cost breakup of
each meal and at the end of this video, we will calculate the monthly budget. So, without any further delay, let’s get
started. The first meal of the day is breakfast. Now, when I was in hostel for breakfast we
used to get aloo puri, bhature chhole, paranthas, dosas and all that oily stuff. I would suggest you to avoid it. Along with this I am quite sure that you would
be getting one glass of milk. So, we will be using this milk to make a well
balanced and a tasty oatmeal. We will take 60 grams of natural oats. I’m using quaker oats here. And we will add this one glass of hot milk
into it. We will allow it rest for just a few minutes
so that the oats get cooked in steam. Then we will add 10-12 almonds for healthy
fats, 1 teaspoon of flaxseeds for omega 3 and one banana as it is an excellent source
of potassium and natural sugar. You can also add some other fruit of your
choice. Along with this oatmeal, we will have two
boiled eggs with yolk. Now, there would quite a few maggi lovers
in your PG or hostel. So you can borrow electric kettle from them
to boil eggs. If you can’t find electric kettle, you can
even consider buying it. It’s a good investment when living in hostel. You can even convince someone in the hostel
mess to boil eggs for you. It is heavy, well balanced and a perfect meal
for muscle building. This meal will cost you 30-35 Rs. It is a great start for the day. Let me show you it’s cost breakdown, it’s
macro breakdown and then we will come to the next meal The next meal of the day is snack. Now, this is that point of the time, when
you are busy attending classes and you would want to have something which is very easy
to carry. So, I would suggest you to have 50 grams of
bhuna chana along with one handful of unsalted roasted peanuts. These are two things which are very easily
available in the Indian market. Together, they form a great combination of
complex carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats. Whenever we go to the hostel mess, the table
is set in such a way that there is rice, chapati, dal, curry, curd and salad. Eating in a hostel mess is all about making
the smart choices. First of all, you should never miss out on
salad. It is a great way to get the essential vitamins
and minerals. Now, choosing a carbohydrate source is very
important. Instead of having a simple carbohydrate like
white rice, have whole wheat chapatis which is a complex carbohydrates. And also if there is curd, you should definitely
take it. Then, instead of having that oily good for
nothing curry, have dal. You can have little bit of curry for taste,
there is no harm in it. Now, the protein in this curry is still missing. So, I would suggest you to add 4 egg whites
in curry or dal itself. It is a great way of overcoming the bland
taste of egg whites and you can make any curry protein rich. If you are a vegetarian, instead of using
4 egg whites you can use 100 grams of paneer or tofu. So, this is how you can have healthy high
protein lunch in hostel. The next meal of the day is pre workout meal. Now, for pre workout meal we need a lot of
carbohydrates so that we stay energised throughout the workout. And also, a little bit of protein. So, I will give you three options. You take your pick. First is what I used to do when I was in hostel. I used to take a handful of black chana and
soak it overnight. The next day, they are ready to eat. Though they are not very tasty but they serve
as a great pre workout meal. Second option could be 100 grams of roasted
chana. It is very tasty and again it is perfect for
pre workout meal. Third option is banana peanut butter sandwich. Take two slices of whole wheat bread. Spread one tablespoon of peanut butter and
one banana into it. Even though I am not a big fan of whole wheat
bread but considering the lack of options in hostel, it is fine. So, the next meal of the day is very important
meal which is post workout meal. Post workout meal is one of the most important
meals of the day. I would suggest you to have 6 egg whites along
with two bananas. Egg whites because it is a fast digesting
lean source of protein. And bananas help replenish the glycogen and
prevent muscle soreness. Now, if you can afford, you can replace egg
whites with whey protein. In that case, you can have 1 scoop of whey
protein in water along with two bananas. Whey protein is one of the fastest digesting
proteins. It is safe and is also a great option for
vegetarians. Overall, if you want great results, make sure
to provide your body with proper nutrition post workout. For dinner, when we go to the mess, we see
that the food options on the table are similar to the way they were in lunch. Again, the trick is to choose the best and
leave the rest. For protein, we would be using 100 grams of
paneer. Not only because we have already eaten a lot
of egg whites but also because paneer is a slow digesting protein and is ideal to be
consumed in dinner. Coming up is the last meal of the day, before
bed meal. Before bed meal is very important specially
living in hostels because we don’t have this habit of sleeping early. So, here I have 1 handful of unsalted roasted
peanuts and 500 ml of low fat milk. Both are slow digesting and will provide you
nutrients throughout the night. It is much better than depending on maggi. So friends, I hope you found this video helpful. Well, if you did, please do give it a thumbs
up and also please do remember to subscribe to my channel. My name is Vivek, I thank you so much for

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100 thoughts on “LOWEST BUDGET DIET PLAN for COLLEGE/HOSTEL STUDENTS – Indian Bodybuilding Diet

  1. Dear Friends! Due to some unavoidable circumstances, I won't be able to upload video the coming Friday. I sincerely apologise to the Fit Tuber community. I will be back on Jan 5, 2018 at 7 PM (IST). Thanks for all the love and support!!!

  2. I am nothing infront of fit tuber best diet for students in my opinion is oats in morning fruit like Apple aur orange water melon one or two banana just little bit of dry fruits like almond cashew and apricot In salad tamato cabbage bit papaya carrot cucumber sprink flaxseed in salad no sugar no white refined salt little bit of oil eat dal soyabean in small quantity eat all vegetables #in low budget nutrabay isolate protien is extraordinary my diet plan is much cheaper than fit tuber my diet plan cost is 3600

  3. Yeah..
    With some edition into this my meal is best for me (a pg boy)
    And happy that I am using this diet only about 85% similar to you.

  4. Sir, plz make a video on protein powder except whey protein like power Vita but high in nutrition as powervita contain a little amount of herbs.
    A powder high in nutrition, protein but low in budget.
    I search it but get no idea.
    Waiting for your positive response.
    Atleast comment me the name of that product if you can't make video on it. I Just want to know

  5. In the meal 1,U hv told to eat milk with oats, almonds, flex seeds and banana. Along with 2 boiled eggs. So is it right to eat banana and egg together? As we get suggested of not to eat banana and egg together??? Please answer

  6. By far this is the most practical and best diet plan.. This is for people who r serious about their health and muscles…

    U need a good looking and healthy body, there is a strict protocol to follow. This diet plan is a great one..

    If you can't follow it.. Good! That's ur personal choice but u don't have to criticize him just because u dunno shit about bodybuilding..

    BTW – To maintain a good physique.. The lowest amount people spend as on today is 20k a month..
    And pro bodybuilders spend 2+ lacs month.. That's why they are sponsored!

  7. Sorry but it aint practical….
    Cant skip hostel meals as i have paid for it….we dont have access to electric kettle n cant keep one….

  8. Bhai hamare mess me to 40 me lunch aur 40 me dinner dono mil jata hai wo bhi unlimited.
    10 baje uthne ke baad 11 baje ka breakfast kaho ya lunch dono ek hi hota hai..

  9. Kisne bola re ki ye low budget hai…5000 to pura kharcha milta hai jisme se aadha to room rent chala jaata hai 1000 rupaye padhai ke chale jaate hai…Bache me khana khate hai…Arre bhai ground level ki baat kar…Itane paise hote to tujhase puchhne ki jarurat na padti….

  10. 163 gm protein is too much .. avg people should consume 50 to 80 gm of proteins .. too much Protein consume can increase uric acid in your body .. it will bad for health

  11. I wonder who is your sex partner… Love to be your sex partner… Must have huge private male organ you have due valued nutrition you eat regularly which help building huge male private parts and male sex energy… I love to meet you some day… You r extremely handsome and attractive sexually.

  12. I’m not Indian myself, infact I live in the UK. But watching these meal videos from an ‘Indian bodybuilding’ perspective is so so interesting! Definitely makes for something different to watch !:)

  13. Sir awsome one…i am considering this diet plan for me though i am living with my family but you know Indian family mummy as well as wife mentality..😅😅


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