hello friends !!! at first take a look on this. I just did it on my left hand only to show you the result and how I got this??? Then let’s get started so you need a lemon because lemon is very useful for oily skin and cures acne or pimples being rich in powerful antioxidants like vitamin C, citric acid and flavonoids, lime provides good benefits to your skin and can be used to make easy cleansing recipes. and a piece of cotton to clean dirt from your hand up first is a tip for cutting your lemons or limes crosswise will give you way more juice Here I am using AYUR herbal deep pore cleansing milk you can use any good cleansing milk to do this put some amount of this onto your skin where you want to apply. Then adding the lemon juice will make it more beneficial get supermodel worthy skin by mixing a few drops of a lime into this. Mix it so well and after massaging it clean the dirt by the cotton you can use premium cotton facial cleansing pads which is luxuriously soft but here i am using just normal cotton to clean it. now scrub out the dirt accumulated on the skin with your fingertips. Ways in which you can get rid of the skin dead and clean it at home clean it properly and gently take your time and make sure that it is cleaned so well Now see the dirt accumulated on the cotton which is actually the dead cells and dust this is what has happened on the other side you can compare that how much dirt has been accumulated. after that you have to use a milk cream because your skin now become dry. Here i am using johnson’s baby milk cream enriched with natural milk extracts and vitamin E which is very good for skin care. I will give you the links below from where you can buy the products. Do the same thing as earlier take some amount of the cream and mix few drops of lemon juice to make it so beneficial massage the cream onto your skin well and take a good night’s sleep or you can use it on morning as well to make your skin brighter and glowing. now see the result. you have to do it at least twice a week to keep your skin glowing and beautiful. if you like the tips and get the results then do not forget to share it with your friends and subscribe this channel to get more natural tips on beauty… thank you !!!!

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