Manfaat Daun Kelor Untuk Kesehatan – dr Zaidul Akbar

Kelor leave contains almost all amino acids therefore, since the leave contains amino acids, it can fix the selenium gene  which makes it work well to prevent cancer. so, Ladies and Gentlemen, Indonesia has one of the best leaves with  spectacular elements…… like 7 times more vitamin C than orange, 4 time more vitamin A  than carrot, 3 times more potassium than banana 4 times more calcium than fresh milk it contains 46 kinds of antioxidants, 20 kinds of amino acids or high protein chlorophyll which boost up our immunity system  it makes the leave become the enemy of cancer, what kind of leave? it’s Kelor leave amazing, isn’t it? I found a research which states that, Subhanallah, when it comes to Zaitun Oil Zaitun oil contains the elements which are called MUFA  or Monounsaturated Fatty acid which is one of the best fats in the world Then, if we’re talking about dates and honey dates and honey contain amino acids which are the essential elements of our body then it also has mineral which is known as selenium the mineral works to prevent cancer, and you know that the amino acids, MUFA, and selenium you can get all of those amazing stuff in the original product of this country what’s the name of the product? It’s Kelor leave kelor has almost all of amino acids, the kelor leaves which contain amino acids make it work well to repair the selenium gene which can prevent cancer , so, if moms want to benefit the leaves you can use it as the ingredients of clear soup, you can also call it the amino-acids soup cancer-prevention soup or best-fat soup, because kelor leave contains fat like the one that you can find in Zaitun oil, that’s the greatness of Kelor leave, if you mix the pureed Kelor leave with the coconut water then let it sit for 6 hours, then rub it thoroughly on your body which will detox the toxic inside your body.  the fermented Kelor leaves which sit on your body can detox the toxic inside your body it’s extraordinary, isn’t it? All praise to Allah Who Has Created this amazing world for our needs everyone, we just need to ask guidance to the Almighty Allah. Don’t ask to human beings at first which has to be the second option we have to ask to Allah first, then He will give us the guidance that’s it.
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