Mass Gainer Shake, 2,700 Calories! (Pina Colada Flavor)

Yo, what’s going on guys? Troy here at Today I want to share with you a 2,700 calorie
pina colada smoothie. I just want to go on a quick little rant because
I feel like so many fitness channels have gone away from the core concept of why they
started their channel in the first place. It’s about giving results. People watch fitness channels on YouTube because
they’re trying to take their life to the next level. It’s not about living vicariously through
their adventures and living vicariously through their breakup trauma and watching them build
their empire while you kind of just sit and watch like an entertaining reality TV show. You subscribe to a channel because you want
to see results. So we’ve got some fire coming up guys. I want to just take my content to the next
level because I want to give you guys every tool necessary for you to pack on 30 – 40
to 50 pounds of muscle mass over the next couple years. Whatever your goals are, I want to give you
the best content humanly possible for building lean muscle mass. And I never explained this in any video but
really your body only builds muscle mass – you need three things to happen, only three things. What’s crazy about – if you don’t dial in
all three of these things, you’re not going to gain muscle mass. And I guarantee if you’re watching the video
and you claim you just can’t gain weight, you can’t build muscle, you’re not doing one
of these things right. Number one is – what is number one. Number one is your hormones. So going in the gym, lifting heavy weights,
doing progressive overload, eating the right thing, this is going to secrete hormones like
human growth hormone, IGF-1, testosterone, insulin, all these anabolic hormones. You need your hormones in place to build muscle
mass. That’s why men naturally have more muscle
mass than women just because they have higher testosterone levels. Number two, you need amino acids. This is from eating enough protein. If you eat enough protein, around 0.8 to 1
gram of protein per day, proteins are comprised of amino acids, so you need the right workouts,
the right hormone secretion, you need enough amino acids in your blood stream. Then number three, you need ATP/energy. This is the one that most people screw up
on. ATP/energy is having enough carbs and healthy
fats in your diet. So think about this, your body needs enough
carbohydrates to build muscle mass because if you don’t eat enough carbs, you don’t have
enough healthy fats, your body’s going to tap into those amino acids as an energy source
instead of build muscle mass. So if you’re not eating 3 – 400 grams of carbs
6 7o 7 grams of healthy fats, you’re going to the gym – by the way, intense workouts
also require ATP/ slash energy, so if you’re also working out and you’re naturally hard
gainer, really fast metabolism, you are going to have one hell of a tough time gaining weight. So you need to dial in all three of these
components. We’re going to cover all of these in depth
in some future videos. I’m going to give you the best muscle building
workouts humanly possible in some upcoming videos, but today, I want to share with you
a 2,700 calorie pina colada smoothie. Don’t drink it all at once. Spread it out throughout the day. But it’s going to give you a ton of carbs,
a ton of healthy fats, so if you going to the gym, you’re doing the right things and
you’re following some of the workouts we give you on this channel or you’re on Weight Gain
blueprint, you definitely are and if you’re eating enough protein this is all you need. This is the X factor, so just get in one of
these high calorie smoothies a couple times a week. And it is starting to pour as you can see. Give you guys a little aerial shot here of
the rooftop. This is actually where I have to park. I have to pay another 50 bucks a month to
park up here. So it’s starting to rain. But let me go inside. Another cool thing, it’s a really cheap smoothie
to make, so let me go inside and whip it up for you guys. All right guys we are in the kitchen. And by the way, you guys gave me so much shit
about feeding the homeless guy that 3,000 calorie hamburger. I’ve got a little update for you guys. He was last seen deadlifting 400 pounds and
he got a job at Bed, Bath and Beyond, so you guys can suck it. So 3,000 – no, not 3,000 — 2,700 calorie
pina colada smoothie. You’re probably wondering how the hell is
this possible. Well, I’m going to show you how the hell it’s
possible right now. The first ingredient is this fancy coconut
milk and this is 730 calories. So you want to make sure you bought the whole
coconut milk. And it has a lot of fat. I’m not going to lie. And it smells very coconuty. Make sure you don’t buy the low calorie coconut
milk. Make sure you buy the full fat/ full calorie
one. So 630 calories right in the blender. By the way, I try to make this really economic
for you guys, really cheap. This was a dollar. This entire smoothie which has an entire day
full of calories only costs about 6 – 7 dollars at the most, so pretty good deal. Next up we’ve got canned pineapple, so this
is going to count as pineapple juice and the actual pineapple, so this is 140 calories,
and we’re going to do two of those. Plop this in. Hopefully this blends. I’ve never actually tried to blend all this
together. And we got that in almost. I don’t know, I might feed this to some stray
cats trying to bulk up or something. We’ve got half of an avocado. And I know you’re probably thinking this is
a really weird ingredient to put in a pina colada smoothie, but what it’s going to do
is it’s going to add a lot of healthy fats, a lot of calories and – I’m talking with my
hand – my spoon hand. It’s got a lot of healthy fats, a lot of vitamins,
minerals, 23 vitamins and minerals to be exact and it doesn’t really do anything to the taste. I’ve put this in other smoothies before. In fact, there’s one on the channel. I think it’s called like the incredible hulk
mass building smoothie. And it doesn’t really add anything to it. Get in more calories. By the way, we’re watching a little Shark
Tank right now. What else can we throw in here? Next up, we’ve got 140 calorie pineapple Greek
yogurt. Going to throw it in. And give you guys a little visual here. I got the one with fruit on the bottom, so
give it more of a pineapple taste. And get it all in there. This all fits in the blender. Next up, so plain old protein. If you guys want to use vanilla, I would recommend
it. This is literally like plain flavored protein. I’m going to go two scoops of this. It’s going to add 240 total calories. And simple enough. Next up this is one of my favorite ingredients. If you guys are having trouble gaining weight,
just put chia seeds on everything. It’s a good source of omega three’s, a good
source of proteins and healthy fats. This is going to add – if I can find my tablespoon
right here. This is going to add 200 calories. Throw 3 tablespoons of chia seeds in here. All right. We are almost there. What did I forget? Okay. We’re going to throw a banana in there. Good ingredient for pina colada. By the way, I was talking about at the start
of the video – in the intro what’s really hold you guys back – most of you guys, especially
I know because I talk to a lot of guys your diet and what you’re eating, people who’ve
applied for the coaching and the number one thing is not enough ATP/energy which means
not enough healthy fats and healthy carbs. So this bad boy right here is going to solve
that with a vengeance. And – okay, we’ve got two more ingredients
left and 480 calories each. You guys gave me shit on the last video for
this. This is one of the healthiest foods in the
world. MCT oil. It would actually be more ideal figuring you’re
making a pina colada smoothie to do liquid coconut oil, but MCT oil nonetheless will
work. I just don’t have any liquid coconut oil on
me, so I’m going to use this. So I’m going to do four tablespoons. By the way, I would highly recommend you break
this up into three different meals, just because it’s going to be kind of hard to digest everything
all at once obviously. By the way, take this guys. I don’t want to like kill you guys. You want to make sure you take some digestive
enzymes, helps your body digest protein, carbs, fats. This is probably one of the highest quality
ones. If you want to – this is Nature’s Wellness
if you want to search it on Amazon, five star review. And last ingredient just because I needed
more calories, four tablespoons of all natural peanut butter. We’re just going to plop this in here. And by the way, I’m really not going to eat
this. I think I’m going to feed it to some stray
cats. Like get the cats in my neighborhood really
jacked. I don’t have – I mean got my diet on point
right now. I just had dinner. I put like avocado and olive oil and chia
seeds on my dinner. I had a really easy time getting like a 1,200
calorie dinner in right now for my lean bulking, so for those of you who want something very
convenient and extra delicious, try this bad boy out. So get a good thumbnail here. This is a good thumbnail right here. All right. 2,700 calorie. By the way, I was trying to make it easy on
you guys and not expensive, so one thing you could have done – one thing I could have done
that would have made it a lot better is put coconut milk ice cream in it, which I don’t
know, is like 6 – 7 dollars, so I don’t want to bust you guys budget. So you could have done that. You could have also added honey, which I have
right here. It would actually make it taste a lot better. But I’m trying to stay somewhat clean with
this recipe because you guys really bashed me on that chocolate covered bacon cheeseburger
video, so I’m going to try to blend this up and up and see if it works. And it’s struggling already. Nice. What? Guess my batteries are low. Okay. Well, let me act like I’m drinking this. It actually doesn’t taste bad. You know what I forgot? I forgot to put in ice. Definitely put in ice. Don’t forget the ice whatever you do. What if I just drank this whole thing right
now like in ten seconds? I’m not going to do it, but what if I did. It would be pretty impressive. Mm, yummy. Okay. I’m just kidding. It really is pretty decent. Hey, if you want to spice up your spring break,
throw some rum in there and have yourself an n authentic pina colada. But you guys, you have to eat enough calories
to build muscle and gain weight, so all kidding aside, it’s actually a really good recipe. Just throw some ice in there. You can even use some coconut milk ice cream. This is 3,000 calories. This is more calories right here than most
of you guys eat all day. And if you’re on the go, you’re having trouble
getting in your meals, just separate it into maybe into two or three shakes and you will
be good to go. It’s got a ton of fats, a ton of proteins,
a ton of carbs, so guys you’ll be all set. And I’m excited to get back in the gym and
show you guys some awesome workout videos. So hopefully you enjoyed this interesting
video. Anyway, I am signing off for now. Make sure you subscribe.

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