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Hi, this is Jayson Hunter, R and D director
for Prograde Nutrition. I get asked this question all the time; why is it that most protein
powders are made with whey protein? One of the reasons is whey protein is a nutritionally
complete protein that’s easy absorbed by the body to provide you the essential amino
acids necessary to help you build newly muscle and boost your metabolism. Casing protein
is also a popular protein, but it’s a slower digesting protein designed to provide a longer
lasting supply of protein; particularly at night or periods of fasting. At Prograde we
use a low temperature micro-filtered protein to provide you with the highest quality whey
protein isolates. This is done to ensure you get the most bioactive proteins possible,
and that they’re not heat processed, which tends to destroy the protein molecule and
render it useless. I hope this information was helpful to you and I’ll be back with
more tips on how to make reaching your fitness goals as easy as possible. Until next time,
I’m Jayson Hunter.

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