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Hello. This is Loran Marmes with Medicare
Solutions Team and Medigap TV. If you have a Plan F for your Medicare supplement, you
are paying way too much for your supplemental coverage. Please take a few minutes and I will show
you why you�re paying too much and how we can make your Medicare supplement plans coverage
more affordable to you. There are two ways to save on your Medicare
supplement policy. One is to shop your policy to find the lowest rate from all the top companies
in your area. Thats where we come in. We are an independent agency. We dont work
for an insurance company. We work for you. We have contracts with all the top-rated carriers
in 30 plus states. The other is if you are on a Plan F. You need
to look at a Plan G. If youre on a Plan F, you are definitely paying too much for
your Medicare supplement. Let me get my face off your screen and show you why Plan G makes
the most sense and will put more money in your pocket with the exact same benefits. First thing, when you look, this is from the
Medicare new handbook. All you see are plans A through M. You dont see any company names
up here at all. Every company that offers a Plan F must offer these benefits as a Plan
F. Every company that offers a Plan G must offer these benefits as a Plan G. So if you havent heard from your insurance
salesman in a few years and you just sat back taking rate increase after rate increase,
give us a call. We will run all of the top carrier pricing in your area and let you know
what company offers the best prices. Like I said, a Plan G with Mutual of Omaha
is the same as a Plan G with BlueCross. Its the same benefits as a Plan G with Aetna.
They must offer the exact same benefits. The company name means nothing. One of the biggest
savings you will find is going from a Plan F to a Plan G. It wasnt so long ago every
insurance salesman out there did nothing but show a Plan F. They would call it a Cadillac
plan. Well, that Cadillac is costing you more money than you know. Here is just one instance, one zip code. A
69-year-old female, zip code 65801. This is for her plan F. Same female, 69 years old,
a Plan G. A Plan F, any hospital, any doctor, no copays, no deductibles. A Plan G, any hospital,
any doctor, no copays but you have a $183 per year deductible. You pay that once a year
at the doctors office. You may be saying, Loran, why in the world would I want to
go with one from no deductible to paying a $183 deductible? Well, I am about to show you why if youre
on a Plan F that $183 deductible is costing you over $300. Heres a side by side comparison.
Exact same, exact same, same. The only thing different is this deductible. Heres a breakdown
on why that paying that deductible out of your pocket makes sense. A Plan F, 165 monthly, 12 months. Thats
going to cost you $1980 in this example. A plan G example, $133.59 times 12, $1603.08.
The difference between the Plan F and Plan G over the course of a year is $376.92. That
is why it makes sense for you to pay that $183 out of your pocket. You are paying $376 for them to pay a $183
deductible for you. If I was sitting at your kitchen table and said, Look, I have a
deal for you. I will pay that $180 deductible. You just give me $400, I know what your
answer would be. The difference in premium is $376.92 minus the $183 after you pay the
deductible. You are still $193 ahead of the game. Put this money in your pocket, not theirs.
Same benefits. When you break it down by month, you are actually
paying them over $16 a month in this example just to pay that deductible for you. Call
it a convenience charge if you will, but it makes no sense. After paying the deductible, you are still
at like I said in the last slide $193.92 just in this example. Yours could be much more.
We have saved individuals and couples $2000, $3000 a year by looking at companies and moving
from a Plan F to a Plan G. Still you have no networks. You go to any
doctor anywhere in the United States that accepts Medicare, all the hospitals that accept
Medicare and no copays. There is one more reason to go with a Plan G over Plan F and
that is rate increases. Plan F across the United States have higher
rate increases than any other plan on the market. Here is one shot of a company for
Alabama. Plan F is six percent. Plan G is four percent. Take a look at the rate increase
for Iowa. Plan F eight percent, Plan G, zero. Michigan, Plan F six percent. Plan G, again,
zero. Plan F, five percent in West Virginia. Plan G, zero. Now we will look at another company and a
little further in time. This is Manhattan Life from Mississippi, six percent increase
for plans A, C and F and a four percent for plans G and N. So not only are you starting
at a lower rate. You are getting a lower increase even if it was the same increase.
Six percent of $300 versus six percent of $200 makes a big difference. Those are a couple of different ways that
you can save on your Medicare supplement today. Give us a call toll free, 844-528-8688. We
will run all the companies in your area and find the best-priced product for your Medicare
supplement. If this video helped you in any way or you
thought the information could help someone else, please hit the Share button and share
this information with your loved ones and friends and whoever you follow on Facebook. Remember, there is never a fee for our service
and we are here to answer any of your questions. Thank you for watching and I hope to talk
with you soon.

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