Medicare & You: Medicare’s Preventive Benefits

♪ Hi, I’m Angela James at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. I’ve got some important information to share with you about Medicare’s preventive benefits. Did you know millions of people with Medicare have taken advantage of expanded benefits like preventive services, cancer screenings, and yearly “Wellness” visits — all without paying a dollar out-of-pocket? An easy and important way to stay healthy is to get disease prevention and early detection services. Services like exams, shots, lab tests, screenings, monitoring and counseling. These services can find health problems early, when treatment works the best, and can keep you from getting certain diseases. Talk with your doctor or health care provider to find out what tests or other services you may need and how often you need them to stay healthy. We’re committed to helping you take care of your own health. Check out You can track your preventive services, get a 2-year calendar of the Medicare-covered tests and screenings you’re eligible for, and print a personalized “on the go” report to take to your next doctor’s appointment. To learn more, visit To learn more, visit

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18 thoughts on “Medicare & You: Medicare’s Preventive Benefits

  1. Does Medicare Part B plan to cover the new Shingrex, the recommended vaccine that has proven to be the best protection against. shingles, a most dreadful disease that affects seniors?

  2. We pay into Medicare, along with Social Security, all our working lives. Which for many of us started at age 12 because child labor laws didn't exist. Then we have to pay a monthly premium for Medicare Insurance that is subtracted from our Social Security benefits. Many of the specific tests require your Doctor's approval which raises their costs and time. And because of that, I received a letter from my doctor that I would no longer be a patient of his, after 30 + years with him. So now what do I do, after going from 175 pounds down to 105 pounds since I'm unable to eat? Plus, in order to avoid bankruptcy (I was raised that it isn't an option because someone has to pay), I had to sell my house to pay bills and medications. The medications were listed as being covered when I purchased the required Prescription Plan (which is also subtracted from your Social Security benefits) that was listed on The plan I had prior was charging me double the penalty! But no one does anything about it. So I live in a garage after owning 5 houses! And working 12 hour days, 6 days a week.

    Remember this people. You can own a $1,000,000 home, a $100,000 car, and if you have no savings, you will probably qualify for numerous city, county, state, and federal programs! But if you were responsible, lost your house, and only have $4,000 in the bank, your ineligible!

    How is an individua,l with a million dollar home, eligible for Medicaid, food stamps, Medicare premiums paid for, utility assistance, etc. But a person who sold their home to make those same bills and now only has $10,000 to his name, is considered ineligible because he has $10,000? Yet the other individual, who has a net worth over $1,000,000 (home & vehicle) is eligible because it's in a home and vehicle rather than a savings account??? And, they have filled bankruptcy 3 times? But that's ok. Give them free benefits. While the individual who was responsible and sold his home, is ineligible???

    Remember when you get on Social Security they will subtract $135 for Medicare although it was taken out of my check. And then another $103 for Prescription Plan. And prescription coverage has a deductible of $405 before they cover, just like Medicare has a deductible and then only covers 80%.

  3. I miss the old method of getting a medical checkup which was a very complete one. Now, since I'm on medicare I find the doctor merely wants to 'talk' about certain things which follows the weigh in and blood pressure check. This is nothing more than a HS physical for sports. How inept.

  4. This is simply not truthful. Medicare does not cover but a few preventative services. For the rest of us- they don't care. They will cover services that may save them money but not test and screenings that are important for YOU as an individual with a family history in an effort to minimize Your risk. 'search' does not answer my simple question. ??? The website does not tell me where do I go from here? There is no information on how to get my question answered. I can't be the only senior in the United States. with a question about coverage that cannot/will not/ does not answer.  
    You suggest you've made changes to Medicare. Are they designed to help recipients or to further complicate for seniors using Medicare?

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