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Cube Biotech – Proteins are our Passion. Hello everyone! Welcome to the Cube Biotech channel. My name is Barbara. I am a biologist and expert for membrane proteins. Today I would like to introduce the Cube Biotech
membrane protein service to you. Cube Biotech is the only company worldwide
that offers such a broad and specific service for membrane proteins, including stabilization
and purification. Also we are manufactures, so we produce everything
in-house. We have our own products and our slogan is:
We use what we well and we sell what we use. For this reason you can be sure that you will
always get the best solution for your project. But first: Why membrane proteins? So think of the cell like this orange here. So for the last decades everyone was interested
what is inside the orange. But now, more and more scientists and people
are becoming interest in what is in the peel. Membrane proteins are 30% of all proteins. And they are interesting because they are
the gatekeepers of the cell and they are drug able targets, so they are of interest to the
pharmaceutical community. We are flexible and eager to offer the best
service solutions to our customers. Of course this service solutions are strictly
confidential. Our service is separated into different work
packages and is organized in a whole workflow as you can see here for example. A typical project starts with the expression. We have different expression systems available. I will come to that later. So the second step would be solubilization
of the membrane protein. Of course the goal here is to get the protein
out of the cell membrane. With different methods like detergents for
example – the classical way to do so, but we also have other fancy methods. What follows next is the purification step,
so here we can use lots of in-house produced products. Cube Biotech is really famous and known for
the membrane purification resins like Rho1D4. This shows really a high binding affinity
and a high yield. The next thing would be the characterization
of the protein. Again, here we have many different methods
available. So finally you can request structure determination. This can be either done by crystallization
or also by Cryo-EM, which is for sure a hot topic at the moment. But it is also possible to jump in later. So for example: You have already purified
membrane protein available and you want us to integrate it into nanodisc. So this is only one example how you can combine
our service packages. We at Cube Biotech have an impressive track
record. We have successfully expressed, purified and
stabilized more than 250 proteins. One highlight project was for example the
stabilization and integration of more than 30 mg of protein into nanodiscs within 10
weeks. We have completed 30 project with “BigPharma”
successfully and our track record is continuously growing. So with our expertise, we make your project
a success. So what do our customers do? What is their final downstream application? I think the hot topic at the moment to use
the membrane protein sample that we produce to cryo-electron microscopy. Because everybody is interested in structural
determination of membrane proteins. Another hot topic is antibody generation. So you can use the membrane proteins as an
antigen to generate antibodies. As promised, let’s a closer look at the
modules now. Membrane proteins can be expressed either
cell free, which is a perfect match with nanodiscs together. In Hek293 cells or in our Baculovirus Insect
system. Solubilization can be done with ultra-pure
detergents or with synthetic polymers. Here membrane proteins have never seen detergents
at all. Membrane proteins can be stabilized either
in detergents or in nanodiscs. For example or synthetic co-polymere nanodisc
or our membrane scaffolding protein nanodiscs. We do different membrane purification steps
for example Rho1D4 antibody agarose, which is our favorite. But we can also synthesize a custom resin
for this purpose. Module 5 – Protein characterization includes
Size Exclusion Chromatography, SPR, DLS and ELISA for example. As an optional module 6 we have structure
determination that can either be Crystallization or Cryo-EM. Thank you for watching this video. If you like to download this overview as a
brochure click on the link in the video description. If you want to see more videos of Cube Biotech
and see Roland Fabis explaining magnetic bead purification or hit the subscribe button. If you have any questions feel free to leave
a comment or like and share this video. See you next time – Bye.

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