Hi and welcome back to my channel and another video from my bathroom! Feels like I’ve done a few videos in here now but I hope you don’t mind If you’re new to my channel I’d like to remind you to subscribe before we start the video Today I’m gonna show you my skincare routine. I get a lot of questions about it on Instagram A lot of people ask me how I have such good skin and what products I use As I think I’ve mentioned earlier I have quite normal skin I have no difficulties with pimples or acne or such I don’t normally have any big problems with my skin. My skin is easy to take care of But I do have sensitive skin and I sometimes get allergic reactions and irritated skin But other than that my skin is pretty normal I think I’ve showed all of these products in previous videos but I’ve never showed my entire skincare routine So I figured it would be a good time to film it now that I’m about to remove my makeup Let’s get started. I’ll link all products in the description box for you to find them And if you have any further questions please comment and I’ll answer I’m not wearing that much makeup today and I don’t have any eye makeup on at all I’m just wearing my tinted moisturizer, bronzer, concealer and blush But I’m gonna do all the steps in my routine anyway I start with my Foaming Face Wash For those of you who are curious I have a video about Kylie Skin where I tried 3 products over 2 weeks And did I review about them so don’t miss that video if you’re interested Let’s start with the Foaming Face Wash. I wet my face and then massage the foam on There we go. I feel like the Foaming Face Wash takes most of the makeup off But I like to use a toner as well. I use Kylie Skin Vanilla Milk Toner Smells amazing and feels so good on the skin I use it with cotton pads, so I apply some product on the pad and swipe across my face This leaves the skin super soft and moisturized It smells super nice and most importantly it’s great for taking what’s left of the makeup away I often get some makeup left under my eyes or where I’m a bit more dry Even after the Foaming Face Wash it may be some makeup left so the toner is great for taking that away But I also use it because of it making my skin feel softer I use it until I see there is no makeup coming off on the pad anymore I have some left so I’m gonna do it one more time I don’t rinse this toner off. I know most people rinse their toners off and so did I for a very long time Because I thought I was gonna have a reaction to it if I didn’t rinse it off But I’ve realized my skin feels better since I stopped rinsing the toner off I mean toners obviously have a purpose as well I feel more moisturized since I stopped rinsing it off I’m also gonna go ahead and use my face mask today Obviously I don’t use it everyday but I might as well do it for the video I use Biotherm Aquasource Non Stop It’s an hydrating mask And .. There we go I know there’s a moisturizer in the same series which is very popular, also called Aquasource And that one is pink as well I bought it once and it wasn’t very good for my skin, it was okay I felt like it made my skin a bit “bumpy” so it wasn’t the best for my skin but a lot of people like it The moisturizer wasn’t good but the mask works really well for me I like that it comes in a tube so you don’t have to stick you fingers in it, feels a little fresher It’s also easy to bring on vacation I always bring this one on sunny vacations when I want some extra hydration Let’s get started. I apply a layer all over my face It looks like this. It’s very very light pink, almost white I apply it like this, all over my face It’s kinda sheer on the face so I just make sure I cover my entire face This is how it looks, it doesn’t really show You’re supposed to leave it on for 10 minutes and then wipe the leftovers off with a damp cotton pad So now I’m gonna wait for 10 minutes before we continue It’s been 10 minutes and most of the mask has gone into my skin But I’m still gonna take a cotton pad and wet it I usually wet half of it and fold it, because it’s just supposed to be damp Then you just wipe the leftovers off, the product that hasn’t gone into the skin It’s usually not that much to wipe away As I said it doesn’t really have a color so you can’t see it, but you probably feel when it’s gone I’m not sure I mentioned it but I apply the mask after removing all of my makeup, when my skin is entirely clean I think I’ve removed it now Next step in my skincare routine is my serum I started using this quite recently, when I tried Kylie Skin This is the Vitamin C Serum. I take one pump Shit I lost half of the pump I’ll take some more I’ve learned that you’re supposed to start with your thinnest product and work your way up So I start with my serum before my moisturizer since it’s thinner I use just enough serum for it to cover my face I’ve only used one serum before this one, and that was a vitamin C serum as well I couldn’t tell any difference with that one, but I do with this one I feel more hydrated and my dry spots are gone I feel like serum is a really good complement to moisturizer This serum sinks into the skin really fast, it doesn’t feel wet so I apply next product right away Next product, which is second to last, is my eye cream It’s the Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Cream I’ve showed this one in a previous video as well I use this before my makeup sometimes since it brightens, but then you have to apply it in time for it to dry Otherwise it might get smudgy But I love using it as a part of my skincare routine, before going to bed or so It looks like this As you hopefully might know you’re supposed to apply eye cream with you pinky finger .. No wtf I meant ring finger Because you don’t have as much strength in that finger You’re much stronger in your index finger and you don’t need that much pressure under your eyes You’re supposed to be gentle I take this much and dab in on under my eyes I also like to apply what’s left on my finger on my eye lid Then I just dab it on until it goes into the skin I usually also dab some of it on my cheekbone Something like that. I don’t know if it shows but I feel like you can immediately see .. The lighting is bad in here, but it gives you a glow under your eyes which makes it appear as brighter It doesn’t really show but I promise it works This cream is also supposed to have a long term effect for dark circles and proventing wrinkles I can’t say that’s something I’ve noticed. I wouldn’t say my under eyes have become brighter thanks to this But I can see a difference when applying it and obviously it doesn’t hurt keeping your eye area hydrated I only have one product left in my daily skincare routine and it might be the most important one It’s my hydrating moisturizer I use this one from Chanel which is called Hydra Beauty Crème This comes in 3 or 4 different steps depending on your skin type There is one for more oily skin and that one is a gel I think this ons is the middle one and then there is one for more dry skin I’ve used the two last ones and this one works the best for me So it’s just an usual moisturizer So I apply it on my face and massage it in That was my full skincare product I use these products on a daily basis, except for the face mask These products work very well for my skin and I recommend them to everyone Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions about the products Or if you want to recommend a product that I should try I’ve really gotten into skincare products, I almost like it more than makeup It’s also because I’ve noticed my skin doesn’t seem to be as sensitive as earlier So it’s really fun to try new brands and products that I end up loving So please let me know in the comments if you recommend any products that you love I hope you liked this video, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up in that case And don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time!

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