Minutes for Mission 2020 – A Chicken Farm in Kenya

Poultry I started on 2014-2015. I come and realized that the project is picking up and then my neighbors now come and gain from me. I started forming some small groups, women groups and youth groups. In Kenya, small-scale family farming is hard work with meager and often unstable returns.
In West Pokot province, women are taking a lead role in improving the income of
their farms by adopting poultry farming. While the men in the community prefer to
herd goats and cattle. Women in this community are not valued. They are being
called children. They have nothing to possess in their family. The men have
changed that mentality they have seen that they have realized that even us
women, we have contributed to the economy of the family because when we sell eggs, you can also get something children will eat. As a mother now, you cannot come under and stay at home without doing anything. I started from two hens and one cock, after one year I was having like around 150 hens. What made us to come up with this project of
poultry keeping is that women are table banking that
is where women are saving and loaning out money within themselves. So we saw
that when you are saving every week you need to have something that generates
money. We get to know the importance of poultry keeping from my OAIC training.
My name is John Gichimu. I work with the Organization of African
Instituted Churches in the program for Theology and Ministerial for Mission but I
also assist in the program of rival homes and food security. We train
some people from churches who were nominated by churches and build their capacity to
grow and train you know in the churches and community. So when the OAIC wanted someone to go and to be trained so they called me because I was
always talking about agriculture in the church. I came to mobilize my people to start keeping poultry because I saw that it is
very this is very easy. It has quick results of profitability. We saw that this thing
here is making us also proud in the community. It also boosted our self-esteem as women. So far, we have like 500 members. Women and youth groups. And we shall be able to come up as a community. Christ came that we may have life and
have it abundantly. Through poultry farming and other
initiatives of its food security program, the organization of African Instituted
Churches is training leaders and strengthening the ability of local
communities to increase incomes and crop yields and to access and afford food in
sufficient quantities and quality. Your contributions to the Mission and
Service Fund of The United Church of Canada help make programs like this
possible. Thank you and please continue to give.

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