Mixing Carbohydrates and Fats not ideal for ABS (6PACKS) MAVIDANO P.T. 💪

Same of my clients ask me : How do you get
abs, how do you get a lean waist, and get rid of the fat around the waist. Now I have
a simple rule that help me and will help you to achieve your goal. Now you do not want
to mix carbohydrates with fats. You want to mix proteins and fats, you want to mix carbohydrates
and proteins, but when it cames to carbohydrates and fats, your body does not utilizes it the
same way, that it utilizes the other two conbinations, now what does this mean? let’s consider you
are eating same fatty fish , like Salmon, Herrings, or Halibut. When you eat this fish
you want to combine with it, a salad or same vegetables , steamed vegetables, you do not
want to combine heavy starches with it, because of the reaction that your body has with that
particolar combination. Same thing when you having steak you will have carbs that are
different than when you having a chicken breast…if you have steak , you don’t have to have steak
but if you do chose to eat meat, you can actually choose the combination of carbohydrates that
will go along with that. So for instance when you eat low fat fish instead, let’s say you
eating Cod , or you are eating Haddock , or you eating Tuna, in that case than you going
to have pretty much any starch you want…potatoes , rice or pasta, or you can even have salad
with that if you want. I hope this helps. If you have any comments or questions just
let me know . Thank you.

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