MSc Nutrition & Behaviour

The Masters in nutrition and behaviour encompasses the role of nutrition from preconception right through to old age. So we are looking at things such as in utero programming. We are looking at the role of nutrition in feeding behaviours, food promotion. We are looking at the role of nutrition in terms of managing diseases and health. The Masters is currently offered as a one year full time and a 2-4 years part time and there’s a number of different units. You do a large dissertation at the end of the year where you produce an independent piece of research. The typical student on the programme tends to focus on nutrition aspects, so they may go into public health promotion. They may go into working as a nutritionist at work within the National Health Service. Some of our students are looking at the programme as part of their career development. So they may be involved in increasing their skills in a particular area. We have quite diverse facilities is here for the students. So for example we have to research lab that I am in now. In this lab, for example, we have a gas chromatograph for analysing fatty acid composition. We have a range of other different pieces of equipment where students can undertake their final year dissertation. As part of the Masters in nutrition we have a unit called “Evidencing Professional Learning”, where as part of this you have a placement of between 20 to 40 days and the role of this is to develop as a practitioner where you look at the placement and then you produce a reflective portfolio on what you have learned from it. It’s kind of, quite unique within the sector to have this embedded placement within the actual program

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