MTS Nutrition Sugar Free Machine Whey Protein Powder with Amino Acids Review

Hey everyone, I’m Andrew from LuckyVitamin
and my Lucky Pick for today is MTS Nutrition Machine Whey. I chose the chocolate flavor
but there are many other flavors you can go with. They have key lime pie, they’ve got
banana cream pie, they’ve got red velvet, obviously vanilla, and they’re all are really great. My
favorite way to take this is, honestly, I use about four ounces of whole milk, for some
nice fats. I do about twelve ounces of water and it mixes together, tastes just like a
chocolate milk shake. You’ve got a great snack. You’ve got a great post workout drink. Another
great option is to take the vanilla or even the banana cream, I like to mix it with oatmeal
in the morning. So you do a little more extra milk, or a little bit extra water in your
oatmeal and you’ve got a great snack or a great breakfast with healthy carbohydrates
and healthy protein. So this line was created by Marc Lobliner, he’s a really famous professional
body builder, really funny guy, but he’s got a great line here. One great thing about this
is it’s a blend between isolate and concentrate, and the beat thing about that is the concentrate
has healthy cholesterol for a lot of great immune support. I love this product, give
it a try, if you love, tell your friends, spread the wellness.

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