Multiple Sclerosis and (lots of) Vitamin D – 9 years on the Coimbra Protocol

hi everybody this month it’s gonna be one year since I published my book multiple sclerosis and lots of vitamin D my 8 year treatment with the Coimbra protocol for autoimmune diseases and so I thought about doing a quick update just to let you know what happened this past year how I am now the correct title now should be the subtitle should be my 9 year treatment if the Coimbra protocol for autoimmune diseases because it’s been nine years since I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in almost nine years since I start falling the Coimbra protocol so for those of you who have not read the book in it I explained about the Coimbra protocol which is a treatment for autoimmune diseases that was developed by a Brazilian neurologist called dr. Cicero Coimbra and which involves high doses of vitamin D the doses now start around 40 thousand international units a day and they can go much higher than that and because the doses are very high this is a treatment that you cannot do on your own you have to do with a doctor’s supervision so in the book I talk about the treatment and I tell my story with it and I really try to give all the information I can so people will realize that this is a really easy treatment and very simple not hard at all to follow as long as you have a doctor that is the only complicated part which is getting easier now thank God we’re getting more doctors in every country that are starting to prescribe the protocols so for those who have read the book people usually say that no news is good news and I think for MS that is really true so I’m happy to just say that I don’t really have much news for this past year things are pretty much like they were last year when I finish writing the book I’m still very healthy I still feel really well I have had no new symptoms from MS besides the ones that I already had that I have always had since my first flare-up which is the tingling my arms and different feeling in my hands I already consider this like a permanent damage it gets worse it gets better more intense less intense comes and goes so but besides that really I haven’t not had anything new this past year my tests that I usually do every six months I just did a couple weeks ago everything is normal liver function kidney function tyroid function I’ve also had aa ultrasound of kidneys and urinary tract it’s perfect so everything is is good everything is still going as planet I said I’d be nine years since I’m on the protocol and I’m still alive and kicking and one thing that I really want to share with you is that in the book I wrote like I did a back C skin to see bone mass about a year before I published a book and that I had had a little bone loss I was diagnosed with osteopenia this for those who have not read the book this can be a side effect of high dose of vitamin D in to avoid that the best thing you can do is cardio exercise 30 minutes like a fast walk they will prevent that so when I was diagnosed the first opinion I immediately started exercising five days a weekend and I really go those past two years I went almost every day after week even if I only could do my half hour walk on the treadmill but I would go to the gym and then three-round three times to four times a week I would do weights as well so I immediately started this exercising and I didn’t know if it was gonna help or not if I was gonna keep single mess and I just got the results yesterday and I haven’t haven’t lost any more bone bone mess my results had been for day my lumbar spine and the hips I was both with – 1.3 which everything / – 1 it’s considered oh stop pinion – 2 point 5 it’s already Oh superoes so my nose – 1.3 which is a small bone loss but of course I don’t wanna keep losing bone mass and so it’s two pebbles spine and hip is still – 1.3 it didn’t change at all so I was really happy with that and now I have no choice but keep exercise so that’s really what I wanted to share with you if you were watching this video on youtube right below the video on the description I’m gonna put the links to my book I’m gonna put the links to our Facebook page called high dose of vitamin D for autoimmune disease and on this page I share everything I can find about the Coimbra protocol in English I share other pages groups interviews books everything testimonials I translate testimonials from other groups Brazilian groups Italian groups I put testimonies from the American group and I put over I put there in the page so you can find a lot of information on this page and I’m also gonna share the link to one english-speaking group on Facebook that just started a few months ago like seven or eight months ago so when I publish the book this this group was it still not active and it’s excellent you can find lots of patients in there from the u.s. from Canada that are already following the protocol and so you can get a lot of information in this group as well and many times I do share like my ultrasound results for my kidneys and tract I share with the group I share a lot of my test results in the group I’ll put the links below and that’s it guys I just wanted to tell you that you know another year has passed and I’m still doing where I was – following the protocol and I’m very happy data since I published a book so many people have found more information in English about this treatment and we have a lot more doctors – in many countries in Europe who have two doctors in the US and I know that there’s one doctor that is already prescribing the protocol in the u.s. he has not gone for training with dr. clay bowdabra but he’s talking to dr. Klingberg so things are is Lola improving and they the information is slowly getting to the patients that really need so thank you very much and I’ll see you maybe in the groups bye bye

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10 thoughts on “Multiple Sclerosis and (lots of) Vitamin D – 9 years on the Coimbra Protocol

  1. Ana, thank you for this video and your story. My daughter was diagnosed in 2007 and prescribed Copaxone. Due to severe reactions and the extreme dimpling occurring in her beautiful youthful skin, we stopped completely the drug in 2011 and chose to go Vitamin D therapy ONLY. She has taken 20,000 IU's, daily now for seven years with her Neurologist's approval and amazement, and observation. She has, like you had zero relapses, no new lesions, no other symptoms, and her initial diagnosis lesions on her MRI (7) have nearly all completely disappeared, per her MRI's. In addition we monitor her blood and calcium levels regularly with her physician. In addition, our entire family now is on a Vitamin D regiment and have been the healthiest we have ever been. It is important to spread the word on this vital Vitamin and it's role in our health. Thank you for your message of help and support. #VITAMIN-D

  2. hi ana,
    i am going to start this treatment upcoming summer, i am actually grinning throughout the entire video bc i felt so helpless and lost and my whole family didnt know what to say when i suddenly got diagnosed with this dreadful disease. now i know what to do and i know its gonna work. i have your book it gives vital information for anyone who is interested or is ill him-/herself.
    i just heard a week ago that the father of a friend of mine died bc of the disease and it made me feel sad but he was somebody who didnt accept his disease and looked for answers much rather than denying that he could be the one having it.
    thank you for your update and thank you dr. coimbra for sharing your immensely important information with the world.
    greetings from germany,

  3. Hello Ana,

    Thanks for sharing the information on Vitamin D. I was prescribed 10,000iu daily and have been taking it for a year now also. Having had M.S. for 12 1/2 years now I don't have any symptoms what so ever though. Have you thought about a diet change? What is also helping me, has been a diet change. I found a old study on a low fat diet that showed the positive long term effects on reducing your progression if you followed it.

  4. I don't have ms but mum does so would you please tell me if it really works to take vitamin d?I mean if it has made you feel better personally.

  5. You have to combine vitamin K2 with D3 for not to lose bone …what about water fasting or raw food..or juice fasting..did you try some

  6. Hello,
    I'm not sure if you'll see this, but I have recently been diagnosed with rrms. I'm 26 years old and live in Melbourne, Australia.
    I was diagnosed with 1 small lesion in my brain and 2 3mm spots in my spinal cord. I am currently taking 10 000 units of vitamin d for the last 2 months and have no symptoms 😁!!!
    I've been reading on the coimbra protocol and I really would like to start asap. I'm having some difficulty with finding a protocol doctor to help me with as I'm unsure who knows English etc and because I'm living australia it's a little hard. Could you please help me thank you.

  7. Hello Ana, where in New Mexico do you receive treatment? I live in the southern part of the state and was planning on traveling to Phoenix for treatment(closest Coimbra certified doctor).

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