ZUCCHINI PANCAKE – How to reduce Carbohydrate in our usual Dishes Zucchini vegetable has only 6 gms of Carbohydrates Onion 1=10 gms of Carb Ginger, Garlic and Green Chillies contains low Carb Bell Pepper=9 gms of Carb Spring Onion=7 gms of Carb, Coriander Leaves Curry leaves=no Carb, Oil and Salt you need some flour to bind the vegetable to make pancake. Hence here Besan is used. Compared to other flours this has low Carb Cashews and Almonds 1/4 Cup=low in Carb. Grind Cashews and Almonds Taking only 1/2 Zucchini and grate the vegetable If you are a Non-Vegetarian add Egg for binding vegetables instead of high carb flour Take a Bowl, add grated Zucchini, spring Onion, Bell Pepper, Onion, Ginger, Garlic. Green Chillies, Coriander Leaves and Curry Leaves Add Cashews Almonds Powder,Salt, Besan little by little and mix well Add Water and mix well Take a pan, add one ladle of the mixture and flatten it using your hand. Brush Oil/Ghee/Butter both sides. Cook well in a low flame and flip over and cook the other side Repeat the process Low Carb Zucchini Pancake is ready. Try this recipe and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Like and Comment. Subscribe for more. Thanks for watching

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