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100 thoughts on “My Updated Haircare Routine | Wash and Style

  1. How often do you wash your hair?? Comment below!✅Shop my NEW hair product line HERE: 💋's -Mindy

  2. Hairitage has done absolute wonders for my hair! For the first time ever even when my hair gets oily it feels healthy. I love it I’ve also found that there is a slight wave to bits of my hair now that it’s not weighed down. I use 2 pumps of the gentle wash and clean half my hair with it and my more dry half of hair with the co wash and it works great! And I never used an oil on my hair until now so I’m very happy that it all works. Thank you so much you gave me hope for my “hopeless” hair!❤️❤️

  3. My hair is mainly straight. Its longer so it's not light but not super heavy. I have a very dry head/scalp and sensitive. What shampoo and conditioner do I use? Please help.

  4. I was really excited to try Hairitage, but I was really disappointed when it just wasn’t working too well for me. It probably works for plenty of other people out there but for my hair the shampoo wasn’t working very well and left my scalp quite waxy. And it was a lot quicker to get super oily. Another thing was it was such a strong smell and in my opinion it almost smelled a little like men’s cologne. And I have a very sensitive nose, so I had to return it. But I bet it works for plenty of other people out there. ❤️
    edit: And I have always used sulfate and paraben free products

  5. Hey, I have type 2a-2b hair and I have tried everything to try and get my curls to stick but nothing has worked. My hair is really slick and I was wondering if you have any tips to get the curls to stay.

  6. Are you going to make any of these fragrance free? I'm sensitive to most fragrances but I want to try out yor products.

  7. Hi mindy.. I bought the leave in conditioner and shampoo. Ive been tryingg to find something that will take the static out. Thisss helped so much i sprayed on dry hair thank you will be buying again i love it but.. One thing it its a little bit to much perfume thats the only. Thing i will still be using it ☺

  8. That was such a helpful video!! I bought the held high shampoo and conditioner and didn’t even see the other kinds. I’ve been noticing a lot of flaking and maybe this is why. I need to get the one you used in this video for a lather.

  9. I try n wash my hair once a week twice sometimes cause it gets oily I've seen your products n not sure which to get. I used a shampoo that was supposed to help my hair n I loved it but my hair started coming out by the handfuls. It starts with a W. So my hair is thicker but texture is thin cause I'm older n it gets oily

  10. I'm having a really hard time with my hair..I had straight thick hair all my life..until the gray dad has had total white hair since he was in his I have a ton of gray but also some regular straight hair..the problem gray is wavy,not just wavy..but FRIZZY weird kind of in a wavy pattern. No matter what I put in my hair..I can not make it soft or managable anymore! AND I have a ton of hair,enough for 3 people,down to my waist! I just don't know what to do with it anymore. PLEASE HELP! 🙏🙏🙏
    PS..My hair is SUPER dry too..I put oils,masks and deep conditioners in it as well..and only wash my hair once a week.

  11. I used to just shampoo and occasionally condition, but I’ve recently been trying to take better care of my hair. Hairitage has really encouraged this due to the variety of products and how affordable they are. I now use heritage shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner spray, and dry shampoo. I love LOVE them all! Thank you Mindy for helping change my hair for the better!

  12. Yesterday my friend wanted me to do a hairstyle on her, and I told her: Oh, we should check out Cute Girls Hairstyles so we can find a hairstyle that I can do on you. We looked at your channel. I was sure she was going to love it, and of course she did! Love CGH!

  13. I’m confused… I was looking at hairitage at Walmart today. Why is the smoothing conditioner silicone-free but the deep moisturizing conditioner not? It seems like those should be flipped since silicone has smoothing properties it would make sense to have silicone in the smoothing conditioner. Where as non-water soluble silicone is the enemy of moisture since it locks out moisture & creates a barrier so it shouldn’t be in a moisturizing conditioner.

  14. I’m using up all my hair care items then I’ll be switching over to Hairitage which I can’t wait to use. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. hey mindy! i love that your products are only $8 but i feel like they are so small that i feel like i would be paying the same for a bigger, more expensive bottle of shampoo/conditioner ://

  16. I have 2B-2C hair and ive been trying some new stuff. Honestly, i just wanted less products. I bought the Hairitage curl cream and gel today so when i run out of what i have, i am excited to try them!

  17. I have yet to see anyone with type 4 hair try these products…. this is the kind of product that I’d pick up and read but wouldn’t buy. Send them to more natural hair influencers please !

  18. can you do a tutorial with paisley? thank you! love your curl creme, smells good. looking to get the rest of your products!

  19. I do have one question, I remember your head lice video that you made a while back, and knowing that head lice is inevitable, do you think it's possible that eventually u can come up with some kind of head lice remedy with the hairitage brand? I think it's amazing that all of the ingredients you use are safe and no chemicals. I heard that lice dont like tea tree oil. Idk. I just think it would be a cool idea for your brand to have something like that, and because of the natural ingredients its definitely something I would buy. Thanks!

  20. I just got the hairitage shampoo and conditioner yesterday, I had to go to 2 different Walmart’s and both were practically out, I love it!!! Smells amazing and my hair feels wonderful

  21. I really wanted to like your hair line but I can’t do the scent. So strong. My husband couldn’t even sleep next to me while I was using the products. I also had the most tangly hair and it took me 45 minutes to brush it out. However, I love it in my little girls beautiful ringlet curls. Scent is still strong but she seems to like it.

  22. Nice hair routinue mindy! I've tried the leave conditionor and itz worked so well! BTW: I love your chanel and u are doing great! Keep going!

  23. Do you have any tips for curling hair that won't hold curls? About five years ago my hair would hold braided waves and curls but then I bleached my hair and ruined it. Two years later and I finally cut all the dead bleached ends off and now my hair will not hold curls no matter what I do. I need help!

  24. After using the outta my hair shampoo and SOS conditioner I've never been happier with my hair! Planning on trying out more of the Hairitage line. Thank you Mindy!

  25. so in love with your haircare line! love the way it smells and of course it makes my hair look absolutely amazing— my curls are pretty hard to tame typically! I’ve gotten two of my friends hooked on your products already. love that it’s so affordable, too! thank you Mindy 🙂

  26. @Cute Girls Hairstyles Mindy this was fun to watch very informative I'm actually going to walmart tomorrow. So I cant wait actually I should probably ask is this only sold online or is it in walmart store. I cant wait to buy it shall I say so done with old school hair products from like Dollar General or any other place that has basically made up fancy words for not so good stuff to have on your hair I cant wait . Thank you again for sharing

  27. Hi Mindy ! Or Hi guys . I have a medium black hair and its kinda wavy (2A)
    And if I try to curl my hair it immediately goes down and does not look good.
    I was wondering if you can give me tips or methods that I can use to Curl my hair . Heat or no heat . Thank you if you would answer.

  28. I have 3C hair. This is pretty much my routine except with more plopping, silk wrap, crimping my curls, and firmer hair spray ! ^_^

  29. hey! love You and your videos ❤️, but I'd like to ask will your products be available in Europe too? ❤️ thank you for your answer! have a nice day! 🙂

  30. You have thick gorgeous hair! This product is definitely on my bucket list of hair products to try. I love the videos of you washing your daughters hair as well. How often do you use the apple cider vinegar rinse on her hair?

  31. Thank you for the video! I had been not seeing the best results from the shampoo and conditioner. Turns out washing twice was the solution!

  32. I wash anywhere from 2-5 days it just depends on life ya know! But I use your outta my hair shampoo once or twice depending how long it’s been since I washed, then I use 2/3 pumps of SOS if I have time to and let it sit for about 3 mins. If I don’t use SOS or sometimes if it’s just super tangled I use the spray leave in conditioner and comb through. I also use 2 pumps of argon oil on my ends (my hair is pretty long). I use the dry shampoo in between washes and it’s the BEST! I’ve only used the ACV rinse once but loved that too!

  33. I have type 1 hair, and I don't really have a routine. I just wash,and barely use conditioner because it makes my hair look really oily. Do you have any suggestions?I love your videos!

  34. I can't wait to get some of your products to try. I love using Moroccan argan oil and going to get the curl cream to just help define my curls some more. I have 3ab hair, my curls,are a mixture of both and my hair is very fine.

  35. Hi Mindy! My hair type is a 2C and about a day after I wash it gets oily again I also have dandruff within a daybor two as well I was wondering what products would be good? Also do any of your products help with hair growth? ❤🙂

  36. I’d love to see Kamri make this video with her type 1 hair because I also have type 1 hair and would love to know how to use hairitage for my hair type. I also am a college student so I’d love to see Brooklyn and Bailey and Kamri do it to see how girls my age with similar life styles take care of their hair💕

  37. Okay I’m officially switching to Hairitage products.Your products are AMAZING and I ❤️ that they are free from stuff that damage your hair.Thank you so much for releasing these WONDERFUL products. I ❤️them.

  38. I had no idea you had a hair care line! That’s so cool. I started watching your videos recently after YouTube recommended your daughters videos (I’m thinking because I have twins 🤷🏻‍♀️) and I’m so excited to try this stuff out. My hair is a mess and needs restored badly! I’m excited to be able to get it at Walmart too- makes it easy. (Though Amazon would be easier 😜) can’t wait to try it.

  39. I was surprised to see this in Walmart, but I am scent sensitive and I really think this will bug me. Also, it may interfere with other people's perfumes, etc. Scent-free, less scent, essential ois (still not too much)l, etc?

  40. I really do like how you now are trying to use vegan and harsh chemical free hair products but I would like you to follow this beautiful sweet kind woman named Sarah Nagel @holistichabits here on YouTube and she is the NUMBER 1 HAIR AND SKIN DOCTOR IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!! I have been following her for many years and I noticed a HUGE DIFFERENCE on my hair and on my skin!!! Sarah can really help you hun and please start using a natural organic wooden brush and comb, peferably from Tek Italy okay!?!? Hope this helps!!

  41. the mask CHANGED my curly hair it’s so soft and bouncy i also use the shampoo, leave in conditioner, the curl creme, the styling gel, and the edge control I LOVE THEM
    incase you were wondering, THEY SMELL DELICIOUS

  42. Hey Mindy do you think you can sell this product in different stores because I don't have a Walmart near me and takes a long time to get there.Other stores like rite-aid,target Walgreens and more. I will also like to buy everything in your hair product collection

  43. Can you do Paisley’s hair routine please My 4 siblings and I all have her hair type and want to know how to best use the hairitage products on it

  44. What does it smell like ? I’m going to try it out. I normally use Aussie and garnier fructis and creme of nature curl milk in the red bottle.

  45. I love this thanks for giving us some pro tips. I would love to try your products. I have really thin hair that is med wavy to big curls. I also have psoriasis and I do use an over the counter medicated shampoo. which of your products would you suggest I try using?

  46. From a toddler to about age 9 I used to have 3bi-ish hair. Now whenever I try to go natural, I have a bunch of 2c hair and then for some reason I also have a bunch of 2a hair. It’s never one or the other. I don’t know how to make it all curly because every time I use a curling cream or gel my hair still looks the same as it would have been if I didn’t use product. Any suggestions?

  47. PLEASE sell these products in Australia. We have a Walmart version in this country called K-Mart and we have Target. I would really like to try these prodcts.

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