Natural Cold Remedies That Work FAST!

welcome back to my channel today I’m
sharing with you guys some natural remedies for when you get a cold because
let’s face it being sick is not fun but there’s lots of natural things that you
can do in order to get yourself a better really fast and quick so the first one
is garlic and garlic is it great for your immune system it has a natural
compound called allicin in it which really helps your immune cells fight off
infection but the key is to chop up some raw garlic and leave it for about 10-15
minutes so that the Alison can activate its threes like the chopping or if you
want to crush a clove of garlic that works too that it gets activated until
you need to let that sit and get activated before you consume it and then
you can just swallow the spoonful and you don’t have to chew it or anything
because chewing raw garlic will be very spicy and intense so I would suggest
just swallowing the spoonful following it with some water and you can do that
two or three times a day and that’s really going to help your immune system number two is probiotics now if you
don’t know that it’s half of our immune system is actually in our gut which
means taking care of our gut is actually going to really help our immune system
and they’ve actually done studies to find that probiotics can be beneficial
when you have things like a cold specifically you’re looking for
lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium which are two of the major probiotics that are
in most of the probiotics you’ll find on the market they’re very common so that’s
good so you don’t have to find like a special type it’s a common one that’s in
most of them so loading up on probiotics it’s gonna help your gut and help your
immune system fight off that infection if you don’t want to take a probiotic
capsule you can use yogurt you can use kimchi sauerkraut those types of things
but you will need to consume quite a lot of those foods
I would suggest like having those foods after you get better while you’re sick
kind of boost yourself up with a good amount of probiotics and then kind of
use foods to maintain it afterwards next up is bone broth so bone broth is
made from cooking bones and and extract all the really good amino acids that
help to fortify your immune system that’s why sometimes you see bone broth
and when it’s cold it’s kind of like jelly it’s not quite liquid and it’s not
only gonna be good for your gut like we discussed your gut health is connected
to your immune health but like I said those amino acids are really good for
your lymphocytes it’s really good to drink something warm too when you’re
sick and if your throat is sore it’s also gonna be nice to have something
warm so this can be a really great option you can make it at home yourself
or you can buy it out I also really like the kettle and Fire Brand when you
definitely want to make sure that your bones are organic because when we’re
cooking them out and all that stuff is getting extracted from the bones if
there’s lots of harmful stuff in those bones then you’re gonna consume it a lot
with that so just make sure that your bones are organic and bones can be very
inexpensive at your local grocery store you can even ask the butcher for
leftover bones they’re usually only like three four dollars
so next up is coconut oil and the great thing about coconut oil is it’s actually
an antimicrobial antibacterial antifungal and antiviral so no matter
what type of a sickness you have it’s going to help you you can put this in
your coffee you can just cook with it you can consume spoonfuls of it any way
you can want to get it in general it is going to be good but it definitely is
something that covers all your bases and it’s something really easy to
incorporate into lots of different foods and then the next one is more to stay
away from and that is to stay away from sugars so basically sure’s while you’re
sick feed the viruses in the bacteria it’s literally fuel for them because
sugar gets broken down into glucose and that glucose is fuel
so you’re basically feeding your cold or your flu if you’re consuming lots of
sugary things and this also includes like sugary candies or eating lots of
like high sugar foods you definitely want to stay away less away from sugar next up is ginger and ginger is great
because it has a compound called ginger all and it’s a great anti-inflammatory
it’s great at fighting infection and being good for your immune system you
can put ginger in your tea it’s also super affordable you can just go to the
grocery store and pick up some ginger root you can also make your own ginger
shot so what I like to do is I’d simply like grate up some ginger really easy
and then I run it through a nut milk bag you can also run it through cheesecloth
I’ve even done a through paper towel and that works although the paper towel does
absorb some of the liquid but it will drip still this is an easy way to make
ginger shots at home if you’re nauseous also if it’s more like a flu than a cold
the ginger is gonna help with that ginger helps with headaches as well as
well as any paints or any kind of muscle aches or anything like that you’re
experiencing ginger is gonna be super super helpful next up is manuka honey and manuka honey
is a special type of honey that has medicinal qualities so normal honey
still has antibacterial properties but manuka honey is kind of like one step
further it’s one step up and manuka honey you definitely want to consume
both manuka or if you’re just having regular honey raw if you do put the
honey into skulls and caught tea which i see a lot of people do you’re actually
killing all of the benefits from the honey so it’s better to take a spoonful
and even by taking a spoonful it kind of coats your throat so if you have a cough
if you have a sore throat it can be really good for that as well but it’s
also an antibacterial and antimicrobial so honey is really good and if you can
do manuka honey i supposed to a normal honey that’s even better next up is
apple cider vinegar another really great inexpensive thing to do and what it does
is it helps to thin the mucus so if you have a lot of phlegm and everything is
congested in your head and your throat it can help thin it out so that you can
get it out because essentially you want to get all that mucus and gunk out of
your system so it’s not staying there and breeding and multiplying so that
helps to get it out and they’ve also shown that consuming apple cider vinegar
actually shortens the duration of your cold so you can consume a couple
tablespoons two or three times a day whether in water you can put a little
bit and tea and sip it like in your tea kind of up to you I prefer shots because
I don’t like the taste so much sipping it constantly so ice to shots but it’s
really great and especially a lot of us already have apple cider vinegar on hand
it’s a great thing to do if you need to thin that mucus next up our mushroom cities are your
normal kind of mushrooms that you would use and cooking and the great thing
about mushrooms is that they are loaded with something called beta glucans which
actually up regulate IgA and IgG which are two antibodies in our body that help
to fight off infection so consuming these whether you’re in a stir-fry or in
a salad mushrooms are a great thing to add when
you’re trying to boost your immune system and really help support it to
help fight off infections and lastly our good old lemons lemons are loaded with
vitamin C in fact half a lemon has 1/3 of your vitamin C for the day and it’s
low sugar so remember before I talked about we don’t want to bombard our
system with too much sugar and oranges tend to have a lot of sugar so you’re
getting that vitamin C but you do also get a lot of sugar which kind of feeds
the bacteria lemons they’re low sugar and you get that vitamin C they taste
great and tea or just in room-temperature water either way
loading up on lemons it’s going to be a great way to support your immune system
so I hope you guys found this video helpful if you have any other topics
like this like you’d like me to do videos on just comment that down below
and I can definitely do that but I love things like this because a lot of these
foods are easily accessible they’re inexpensive and they’re gonna make a
world of difference when you’re trying to get better so that’s what I love
about them I hope you guys are all having a great day and I will see you in
my next video bye guys

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14 thoughts on “Natural Cold Remedies That Work FAST!

  1. Hope you guys enjoy this video FULL of tips/tricks on how to feel better fast if you get sick! Have a wonderful weekend <3

  2. A good way to get that raw garlic down is the mix it into raw, local honey (if you do honey; honey is so nutrient-dense so I love it). I'm not saying it tastes fab or anything BUT it IS easier to get down. And this way you get your "bee" vitamins.

  3. This morning, I made lemon, ginger, and apple shots. I have had sinus pressure for almost two weeks. I will be adding these other ideas to help. Thank you!!

  4. I just ordered a subscription of Kettle and Fire bone broth right before watching this video. Glad to see you tout the benefits of it too. Thanks for another great video!

  5. I always get confused when it comes to honey. .. I understand it’s great for us but isn’t it sugar and something we should avoid while feeling run down and sick?

  6. love it! so informative 🙂 maybe you could do a college dorm accessible food vid– just a microwave fridge and freezer

  7. Liv, I love love love this video. My husband just got a cold today and these tips are amazing!!!

    Can you do a video on migraines? I get migraine headaches too often. Would love you help!

  8. How do you feel about zinc supplementation? I’m an MD, and I know there’s some research that shows zinc helps shorten the amount of time you’re sick!

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