New Mom Arpita Reviews Zandu StriVeda Satavari Lactation Supplement

he’s my son Agraj he just turned two
months old and I can tell you this is the best thing that has ever happened to
me but initially after delivery the first month was a real struggle I don’t
know because I had c-section emergency or I was just nervous and anxious I was
not able to breastfeed my baby the milk supply was nowhere close to what was
needed but a small change really helped me I will tell you about this one
product which really changed my whole experience of breastfeeding initially
the situation was such that I was almost on the verge of starting top feed for
him which I was not liking I really wanted
to breastfeed him and why not breast milk has so many health benefits it
reduces diarrhea constipation gastric issues even urinary infections it also
boost immunity system and the list just goes on and on and that bond which you
have with your baby when you are breastfeeding no match to that he is my
first child and I really want to have all those precious moments with him I
was determined I am going to breastfeed him and I tried to look for all the
solutions I spoke to my doctor at that time and told her the whole situation
she suggested me this amazing product that is Zandu StriVeda Satavari
lactation supplement it is made up of ayurvedic herb Satavari initially I
was not sure to have a supplement but she told me that it is made up of an
Ayurvedic supplement which is Satavari and it’s a proven galactagogue which is
a herb to improve the milk supply and I can tell you it actually worked the only
thing I had to do was she asked me to take it twice daily just one tablespoon
with milk it really worked I was able to
breastfeed my baby without any issues now he is growing into a strong and
healthy baby and all because of this amazing product Zandu StriVeda Satavari
lactation supplement I really want to tell you moms please don’t switch away
from breastfeeding so quickly if there are any issues just speak to your doctor
and see what can be done I from my own personal experience can really tell you
that this really benefited me it’s tried and tested product and it will really
help you just give it a try

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