Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770): Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction

unlike other juicers the Ninja Mega Kitchen System allows you to turn whole fruits and vegetable into delicious and nutritious drinks leaving all the
nutritionist pulp here’s an easy and simple way to get a
serving of fruits and vegetables this recipe combine some healthy greens and fruits for delicious nutrient complete
juice and makes on-the-go drinks for your busy
let’s try this healthy recipe together in the single serve cup add one peeled kiwi hald of a small banana half a cup of baby spinach 2 teaspoons of honey half a cup of white grape juice and a few ice
cubes top with the blade making sure to screw on
tight click it into the motor base and press the power button
for best results pulse the single-serve button three to four times for better consistency then hold until smooth look at the power of the single serve cup
it easily blasts all the whole fruits and vegetables into a nutritious
drink even kids would enjoy here’s a tip: if you like a smoother
consistency just blend longer or use more water based fruits and vegetables such as cucumber
and watermelon you may also add a little liquid to
achieve your desired consistency

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8 thoughts on “Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770): Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction

  1. I use the big blender for vegetables and strain it through a juice bag to make vegetable juice. Turmeric, ginger and beets is a good combo.

  2. Caveat Emptor!
    "easily blasts all the whole fruits and vegetables"
    The demo uses very easy to blend fruits (kiwi and banana) and vegetable (spinach) – hardly much power is needed for those sample items!!!

  3. I always use kale…i de vein it (take out the tuff spines), then add to cup, with a bit of juice (my fav. is the Dole fruit Juice blend peach/orange/mango flavor) and blend a little, and it completely liquifies the greens. I think I read online that you should always process your greens in the cup 1st with a bit of liquid. Personally, I never use Ice, I feel it waters down the taste of the veggies & fruit. I do use frozen fruit like mango, peaches, blueberries, etc…… I also, add protein type stuff like yogurt or cottage cheese & blend well to give it a smoother flavor. I love my Ninja…its the best thing EVER!!!!! 🙂 Also, If I'm making multiple smoothies to say freeze or whatever,,,,i process it in the big blender….then put them in individual 16oz freezer cups. When I take it out & defrost it, I just add a piece of fresh fruit or a veggie, and a little juice or whatever…and waalaa, its ready. (I sometimes make up to 2 weeks worth @ a time.  
    It helps when you blend a lot of stuff, especially like carrots in the big blender 1st, then reblend it in the single serve cup when you're going to drink it, to take it further down liquifying wise. The more liquid you add though, the lighter it gets….or if you like the "applesauce type" texture add less juice.
    I find I really enjoy my smoothies when I drink them with a big fat straw. You can buy a bunch of reusable ones at like Walmart & Target. It seems to go down a lot easier & quicker.

    Once you get the right ingredients (your favorite juice, favorite protein, etc.) you can add anything to it & make it taste great.

    One tip I got off reading a lot of stuff online is you need to switch out your greens like weekly to prevent some type of acid type junk from becoming "toxic" to your system. So say one week you eat spinach and chard..the next week eat Kale & salad greens.

    Also, I've read things where people say, add the whole apple etc…but I don't do that because the apple seeds have "arsenic" in them, and although its probably not a whole lot, I would think it would defeat the purpose of having a "healthy" drink.

    The other think I read was people adding the green tops of the strawberries to their smoothies..I don't because I never eat the greens of the strawberry anyway, but I thought it was odd that people were eating them…& in reading & researching I found they (the green leaves of the strawberries) also have some type of toxin in them to protect the fruit from bugs or something. I think arsenic too.

    There's lots of info out there…..I figure I can get a whole lot more veggies & fruits in a smoothie than just eating them steamed with meals etc. & the whole juicing thing b4 never made sense to me because you waste the main part of the veggies & fruit & a whole lot of money. I can see you juicing to get the high vitamin content, but also use the pulp…..0h well….to each his own……

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