Nutrition and Food Science (MS) Success Stories – Montclair State University

Montclair State’s unique program that has a combined master’s and certificate program really attracted me to the school because I was able to get a degree to further my education and become a dietitian with an undergraduate degree in a different field. Being that I want to be a registered dietitian, I knew I needed to further my education but I already had a bachelor’s degree to I decided to get a master’s, which is going to be required for that profession. I would definitely recommend this program to others. There are a lot of different classes that teach you a wide range of information that is necessary to become a dietitian. And I feel that this program really did prepare me for my internship and all the different rotations I’ve completed so far. I would recommend this program to someone, obviously, who’s looking to get more education, maybe in nutrition education or nutrition counseling, or is interested in working with diverse populations in the realm of food and nutrition. I really did enjoy the small class size, you can really become close with the professors and get feedback and any help you needed in any area of the class or research assignments. They were very helpfu.

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