Nutrition at Wellington Zoo

My name is Henk Louw and I’m the Nutrition Advisor at Wellington Zoo and I take care of all the diets for all the animals at the Zoo All our diets are prepared from a diet sheet that is almost like a recipe of what goes into an animal’s diet for a specific day And then all these diets then get put into a bucket and the buckets get taken up to the habitats where the animals live and get fed out by the keepers The amount of food that Wellington Zoo goes through in a week if you count all the pellets and all the meat and all the fresh veggies and fruit it’s just over a tonne per week that we go through At Wellington Zoo we ensure that we give the best quality of food and if you want to compare it it’s the same kind of food that you’d find at Moore Wilsons, and Countdown so the stuff that we eat And by ensuring that we give the best food we ensure the best animal welfare

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