Nutrition During Pregnancy

So doctor let’s start with nutrition
obviously a mom who’s expecting a baby is now eating for two so does that make
a difference should the diet change or do things stay the same? Well nutrition is one of the most interesting parts of pregnancy because I
think that especially in our community which is a Latin community we tend to
believe that women are eating for two and I like to defer on that because I
think you’re eating for one and one healthy person most women tend to
believe that gaining a lot of weight during pregnancy will be ideal and
really the ideal thing is for you to gain weight pending on how much weight
you have from the time that you begin to get pregnant in other words if you’re
very thin you can afford to get more weight if you are more obese then you
should gain less weight and I think that weight gain should be managed based on
your difficult different times during your trimesters during your first
trimester you ideally you shouldn’t get much weight and then your second and
third trimester you’re to increase your caloric intake for about 500 grams
between 2,000 to 2,500 daily. Are there foods that a pregnant woman should avoid
during pregnancy and why? Well the majority of food that you should avoid
are the ones that you don’t like start with it so once you are eating a
healthy diet regardless whether you’re pregnant or not it’s ideal in other words
you should have your fruits you should have your meats your vegetables your
fish which is a taboo out there people think that you shouldn’t eat fish
during pregnancy when you’re should eat fish and I think that would the food to avoid will be things like uncooked food which is meat or fish
doesn’t mean that you could never eat a sushi you could eat a sushi
the fish is cooked you should avoid things that that somehow could have
things that are written in any way shape or form if you’re eating vegetables
you should wash them at least 30 minutes prior to eating those so it’s more
anything that is avoidable for your health in general we should avoid during pregnancy.

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