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What is going on guys. Welcome
back to my youtube channel Today I’m gonna …… Ok. So today I’m gonna talk about
diet, nutrition in growing taller As you know there are so many
factors that affect on height growing We not gonna talk about genetics. Ok? Because
genetic that the factor we cannot change We cannot change it. Alright? So we gonna talk about the factors that we
can change: Exercise, Nutrition and Sleep About exercises, I did a lot of video about exercises
already. I have a my full training routine to grow taller About sleep, I also share tips in
that video. So I hope you watch it I also have a video about diet but it
was not quite clear and it not quite detail So today I’m gonna make a video to cover all. I hope it
covers all the things that important in height growing.Ok So let’s get started We cannot miss any of these factors:
Exercises, Nutrition and Sleep According to my experience, I tried to
grow taller since in high school, in university I trained very hard but I didnt grow at all Why???? Because at that time I was very poor. [Laugh in tears :v] I didnt have money to drink milk, 1 liter of milk everyday I didnt have money to buy things have
protein like beef. Yeah, beef is very expensive and I cannot eat meat everyday.
I cannot eat fish everyday. Right? I didnt grow at all even I trained very hard. So I gave up, I
gave up so many times during high school and uni life But after graduating, I got a job so I had
money so I investigate money on nutrition Combined it with exercises and slept
earlier, at least 8 hours and I grew. I saw the first growth in the
first 3 months. I grew 0.7 cm Damnn. That so motivated you know So I kept training, I kept training
now in total, I have grown 3.1 cm That’s amazing Ok. Let get back to nutrition.
You know nutrition is very important, right? So you need to consume a healthy diet That includes Protein, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc,
Vitamin D, Vitamin K, multivitamin and minerals many things so let’s go detail to it The first thing is protein, protein is very important, it
includes many mino acids that help our body to grow It’s very important, you cannot miss it. ok? It’s very important for growing muscle.
It’s also important in bone growing so you need to have protein if you want to grow taller We can find protein in meat like poultry,
beef, chicken breast and fish like salmon It’s also, we can find it in milk,
whey protein, beans, cereal Next is calcium You know, 99% of our bone is calcium so if we want to grow of course
we need our body to have calcium, right? Calcium, we can find it in milk,
yogurt, cheese, fish, shellfish Ok. Next is vitamin D Why? Because if we want our body to
absorb calcium, we need vitamin D If we dont have vitamin D our body cannot
absorb calcium so it’s useless, right? So you need to have vitamin D The best way for your body to have vitamin D is
expose your skin to the sun 30 mins in the morning But dont forget to put sun scream, alright? Because in the sun, it has UVA rays, UVB rays that
have very bad effect on your skin, it can cause aging so you dont want to get old, right? and you dont want to get ugly skin, right?
so you need to put sun scream, alright Ok. We can find vitamin D in food like salmon,
beans, egg yolk, liver oil and sardines Remember, alright Ok. so we have protein, calcium,
vitamin D, now fourth is magnesium In bone we also need magnesium, it’s very important
so you need to provide your body magnesium also I get magnesium from supplements like multivitamins
and minerals, calcium, magnesium and zinc, All is from Nature made brand, it’s very famous brand Because you know I’m not sure
my food can provide enough nutrition so I take supplements to make sure
my body have enough nutrition. Ok. If you dont want to take supplements
you can get it from foods. That’s ok And the fifth is Zinc It plays very important role in
creation of growth hoocmon We can find Zinc in milk, yeast, peanuts, potato, whole
wheat, bread, cheese, beans, yogurt, brown rice, cereals oyster, beef, pumpkin seeds.
There so many. Damnn. it’s a lot OK. Other important nutrient is fat omega-3 We can find it in fish, soybean, sardines, salmon I have read that collagen and glucosamin are very
important in protecting our joints, our cartilages You know, we train a lot, right? so the
joints and the cartilages can get damaged so we need to provide collagen or glucosamin to make
sure our joints and our cartilages in healthy condition We can find nutrition in fruits, vegetable so
make sure to eat a lot of fruits and vegetable I usually eat bananas and apple everyday,
not everyday but like 3 times a week because it’s quite expensive here. Damnn That’s why I take supplements. I think it’s cheaper About supplements, as I mentioned before,
I have super multivitamins and minerals, calcium, magnesium and zinc, and super vitamin D and I also have collagen And I also consume whey protein I eat chicken breast, it’s good for providing protein but I
want to make sure my body have enough protein so I consume whey protein That are the nutrition that you need to
provide your body so your body can grow taller The last but very important, that is water You have to drink 2 mugs of water ( I meant 2 liters of water) everyday alright. It’s very important in height increase That’s the nutrition that I recommend you to consume About my diet routine, because I’m doing
intermittent fasting. It’s almost 2 months now and I saw it very effective because I grew faster than before My full diet routine with intermittent fasting In the morning, after I wake up, I drink 2 mugs of water, I
skip breakfast and start eating from 12 pm (at noon) I usually eat chicken breast, or non-fat pork, fish and eat
a lot of vegetable like beans, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, Carrots is very important, I just found it very
important in height increase so I eat carrot a lot now It also good for eyes because it has a lot of vitamin A After lunch 1 hour, I usually drink supplements I drink whey protein with milk, 1 liter of milk In afternoon, I usually eat bananas and apple and at night, I eat like at lunch but I limit carbs, limit rice Because carbs is the source for insulin in our body and
insulin is the reason that constrain HGH release, the growth hoocmon so you need to limit carbs at night, alright Ok. so that is good nutrition for height increase Now is bad foods and drink you need to
stay away if you want to grow taller you need to stay away from sugary food, drink, fat food,
salty food, junk food, alcohol drink, gases drink Yeah. stay away from them and stay
away from smoking. It’s very bad habit you have to stay away from them
if you want to grow taller, remember Dont drink milk with sugar, drink milk with no sugar Because sugar is source of insulin that constrains
the growth hormone, hgh release in your body so you need to stay away from them, alright Alright guys, I hope I didnt miss anything
about nutrition for height increasing Now I’m gonna go to the gym, and if I remember
anything that I miss, I will tell you guys later, alright Let’s goooo What’s going on guys, I just done with
gym, so now I’m gonna go home and sleep Just kidding :v I’m gonna go home and study Ok. so I hope you like this video, if you
do please give me a thumbs up if you dont like it, also give me a thumbs up And….. Please dont forget to share this video because this video
is very important for height increasing so please share it And the last thing is dont forget to subscribe me, Ok? Thank you guys for watching and
see you guys in the next video. Byeeeee

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79 thoughts on “Nutrition episode

  1. Hi bro , from India I'm 20,5"2 ,my girlfriend is taller than me ,I m very sad bro,how is possible to grow 3-4 inches please help me bro

  2. Hey bro ! I am really happy for you and wish you best of luck for your journey. Try Ashwagandha(its pretty cheap too) with cow milk its very helpful in height and strength increase. I grew 2" in 7 months.

  3. I start growing project 4 months ago and at first month I grew 2 cm and doesnt have much until now. Maybe because that time it was holiday so i can do a lot of exercise every single day.

  4. I'm a girl & I'm 20Y.O so I started to challenge my self to get more cm so in first month I grew 1 cm that's really good for me I just do simple things like drink milk before go to sleep & some exercises
    And now I need 4 cm just 4 😖

  5. “intermittent fasting” can increase your hgh (human growth hormone) by 2000% for male and 1300% for female. This is a huge hgh Increase also feel free to search bout it, there are alot of articles and research bout this. If need any more tips im more than happy to share in the comment, just let me know. Dont give up, hard work pays off.

  6. Awesome vid Justin. Also are your height workouts different on certain days? Or is it a same workout consistently everyday?

  7. Bro does masturbation affects height growth….bcz I am 5'4 and my age is 22. from my age of 15-22 i have been grown just 3cms . And from 15 till now I can't stop masturbating 😫😫. There are different suggestions about this ……pls explain me this bro . Even my father 5cms tall than me …for nearly 6 months I tried some stretching ,yoga all those and only 1cm i grown

  8. does intermitent fasting really work on you? if its gonna work i dont need to drink hgh cocktail. i follow 4 idiots exercises and nutrition 😊 hope it works for me but if fasting is better key than drinking hgh im going to do it.. let me know bro if fasting really works to increase growth hormone.

  9. btw bro you can download 4 idiots grow taller on google the stretching is intense and few people grown in 3-4 or 5 inches in a few weeks 12 weeks they see result and its faster than any program watch the testimonies of videos here on youtube just search grow taller 4 idiots bro.

  10. But Do you totally cut out sweet foods or you have it in little amounts because I have a sweet tooth . So I get sugar cravings

  11. Subbed. I am 5'8, 19 at the moment. Going to try this routime everyday until I reach my goal of 6ft.
    Morning and Night(before sleep): Yoga stretching & 3 set of 30s Dry Swimming
    Noon: Hang on bar 10 mins 30s each. Also expose in sunlight for Vitamin D3.

    Supplement: Calcium & Vitamin D and Liquid Green Multi Vitamin.


  12. Subbed. I am 5'8, 19 at the moment. Going to try this routine everyday until I reach my goal of 6ft.
    Morning and Night(before sleep): Yoga stretching & 3 set of 30s Dry Swimming
    Noon: Hang on bar 10 mins 30s each. Also expose in sunlight for Vitamin D3.

    Supplement: Calcium & Vitamin D and Liquid Green Multi Vitamin.

    I believe that I couldve grew few inches taller if I were active in my younger days. I technically stunned
    my max height potential by myself😢.


  13. Im male, 17, 5'11, do you think is there any chance for me to grow to 6'2 with excercise, stretching and a good high calorie nutrition?

  14. Congrats on your recent gain, that's really inspiring! I myself have been able to grow 5 cm taller from 5'8" to 5'10" myself at age 27 but my own stretches I've developed are from my own background knowledge of my understanding of human physiology. The trick is to realize the dynamic effect of stimuluating both the pituitary gland and the disks in the spine!! I'm working towards my goal of 6 feet by end of this year so let's hope I can get there!

  15. …….. That's why sometime your height decrease…. If you stop doing stretches you will be short according to this link

  16. Hello friendss.♥Growth sinerama wmx/grow taller supplement♥ really work. I was doing the stretching exercises for three months and gained a little height so I decided to buy the "growth sinerama wmx." Finally I am seeing results that I wanted to see.

  17. Hello everyonee…I thought {Growth boom pro++grow taller product} must be a complete bullshit to be honest, but I tried it and it damn worked. ..I 'am still surprised to be honest, but really glad! 🙂 i grew almost 3 inches last year and i would recommend everyone…

  18. Hey I don't have enough money To afford whey protein because it's expensive where I live. Can you suggest something else?

  19. you re talking about vitamin D3? if yes, which amount per day you reccomand? and at what time of the day?
    thanks a lot justin!! keep going on!!

  20. Anh ơi, uống cà phê đc ko ạ. Caffein có ảnh hưởng đến chiều cao không ạ?

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