Nutrition Guide Program

[INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] I went in for my annual physical yesterday. Everything okay? My cholesterol is a little high. Looks like I need to start paying a little bit more attention to food labels. Sugar, fat, things like that. Nutrition labels are like a whole other language. Have you seen the new shelf tags at the commissary? Great, that’s all I need, to look at more labels. I know, right? Well, these labels are color coded and make it simple to find nutritious foods throughout the store. Sounds good, maybe later we can go check them out. But first, I really need to… finish… this set. [GYM SOUNDS] The Nutrition Guide Program A Dietitian approved way to find Low Sodium, Whole Grain, No Sugar Added, Great Source of Fiber, and Organic Products at Your Commissary. Be sure to look for the “Thumbs Up” for High Performance, and High Nutrition quality foods. Your Commissary, we did the work for you!

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