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Given how confused the general population is about
basic nutrition questions, they often turn to the nearest health professional, and quite often
that professional doesn’t have much of a background in nutrition education. The field of nutrition has been changing rapidly,
moving from nutrients to foods which are more complex, to food patterns, which
are yet even more complex. What I really like about teaching nutrition is it’s a
broader reflection of all of critical thinking, so should I eat this or avoid this — it always depends. It depends on context and you can take that process of thinking and apply it to many things outside of nutrition, but everyone eats every day, and so that kind of critical thinking comes in for every person, every day. There are so many basic issues in nutrition that the
general public is confused about that we could address in a course like this. We brought a number of experts in
from across various disciplines. This class will allow you to differentiate yourself
by giving you the basic foundational skills to answer those questions that
so many people have. I find there’s two basic motivations for taking this
course, and one is to help so many people who need help resolving confusion, and the second, most of
the people who take a course like this benefit themselves from thinking about their own diets
and how to improve their own personal health. Join us for the Nutrition Science online short course from the Stanford Center for Health Education,
part of Stanford Medicine.

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