Nutrition Trends with Max Lugavere

We love taking on the latest health fads in a segment We [call] trending up trending down and here to help us out today is nutrition trends expert Max [Liu] gewehr welcome back So I add for the record I both love it and hate it when you come on the show because I’m always a little bit scared about the trends You’re gonna make us try to eat It’s actually one of my favorite things in the world to bring you guys weird foods to eat And we couldn’t have a better subject for you guys to taste today. This is natto so natto is basically fermented [Soybeans] It’s literally one of the healthiest foods in the planet. They eat it [very] commonly in Japan where they have Reduced rates of Deaths from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and things like that have you guys smelled this? Yeah, well I stuck my nose in it Dr.. Landry Go don’t smell it [until] he said not to smell it kind of has like a dirty sock odor to it Hit the nail on this just like a dirty saw am I selling it It’s been in the closet underneath the pile of clothes for five weeks We didn’t even get to the texture yet. Yeah [the] textures weird, so I like in the texture to beans with personal lubricant Your daddy’s a person back basically That’s not right. That’s not okay. What is that? That’s basically so again. It’s fermented. That’s a bacterial Matrix Which is good which so we’re good. I know I’m not selling it, but this again like [that] Deli This is the highest known source of something. I would do a little soy right It’s actually source of yes, Vitamin K2 all right, little no nutrients So I that’s really important for maintaining calcium in all the places in your body where calcium should be like your bones and your teeth and Keeping calcium out of your soft tissue. It’s not terrible. No try adding a little bit of Tamari sauce I think I like it a lot better Try it with the soy sauce. I think you’re Gonna agree It’s much better with a little bit of with a little bit of tamari sauce [know] what I’m going back for seconds here you really Like it the consistency though is just out of control. It’s out of control It’s out okay. It’s not bad Yes, forever take your chances America The aftertaste is pretty rough yes, but I would but having said that yes Clearly a lot of things in life acquired taste Tons of health benefits, so this is Trendy. I would say up really [big-time] well don’t agree I [think] that people who could get used to this look in Okinawa longest lives in the world right exactly eat this so [Health-wise] trending up Best thing though probably eat it on a day the [tastebuds] are chilling out So what else do we have now my hands smell like old socks All right guys well up next so we have Memory enhancing drinks their drinks that purport to an answer memory sorry and focus a lot of them come loaded with caffeine Many including this one that I’m holding in front of me have lots of sugar [I] mean this one if you look at the one that says memory It has 26 grams of sugar, but then you notice that there’s two servings per container That’s 26 grams per serving this bottle has 52 grams of sugar Which is toxic for the brain so actually even though this is saying that it’s good for your memory This is probably the worst possible thing for your memory in the short-term and the long-term Essentially what this does in the long run is it leads to weight gain and we know now [that] there’s a really strong Association between the size of your belly and your brain bigger bellies smaller brains unfortunately I say the best thing to boost your memory honestly is water if you’re gonna drink something or green tea Maybe some black coffee But definitely not these And I do think the key takeaway [here] is if you are buying a memory enhancing drink or any drink for that matter Don’t read the front label. That’s gonna say it’s gonna save your life. You have the best direction of your life You’re gonna be smarter than it read the back label and see how much is in it in terms of sugar artificial sweetener So trending down [I] would say trending down hardcore Man, I must say always [a] pleasure when you come on the show look for us again soon. Thank you you

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3 thoughts on “Nutrition Trends with Max Lugavere

  1. I'm allergic to soy, the allergic reaction I get is similar to peanut allergy. 😶
    it's a shame, because I love trying new foods.

  2. This was so much fun to film. For more, come over to my channel and subscribe! Thanks to The Doctors for having me yet again! 🙂

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