Nutrition & Vitamins : What Do I Need to Do to Gain Weight?

My name is Christine Marquette and I’m a registered
and licensed dietitian with the Austin Regional Clinic and I’ve been asked “what do I need
to do to gain weight?” If you’re somebody who needs to gain weight, the primary thing
is to focus on foods that have high calories. You still want to try to make the healthiest
choices as you can, so some high calorie foods that are still healthy would be things like
nut butters. Whether it’s peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter, the whole nuts, all
types of seeds, whether they’re sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds. These are all items
that have a very high fat content, but it’s a very healthy kind of fats. Very good for
your heart, they also have a lot of protein in them. So it’s a good choice of protein
as well. You can use these things for snacks through out the day, so it could be pretty
easy to get in a lot of calories if you’re nibbling on different types of nuts or seeds
through out your day. The other thing to make sure is include items such as cheeses, whether
they’re mozzarella cheeses or cheddar cheeses, even though these items have some saturated
fat in them, if you’re just using them short term as you’re working on gaining weight,
you won’t have a huge impact on your cholesterol. Once you do reach your weight goal, it would
be best to stick with the lower fat cheese. Mozzarella cheese is made with a skim milk,
but cheddar cheese generally is made with whole milk. So if you like cheddar cheese,
it would be better at that point, to switch to something like a two percent cheddar cheese.
Other items to make sure you include, make sure you just include adequate to large portions
of different types of protein foods, whether that’s poultry, seafood, lean cuts of meat,
or again, back to your nuts and your seeds, your beans. You want to make sure you’re getting
adequate portions of those protein foods, and still include some fruits, some vegetables.
You may include drinks that have some calories to them like fruit juices. That would be a
much healthier choice than something like a soda water. So the main thing in gaining
weight is just make sure that you’re consuming more calories than you’re used to. You can
use beverages such as fruit juices, and you can use high calorie things like nuts to snack
on through out the day to actually increase your caloric intake.

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12 thoughts on “Nutrition & Vitamins : What Do I Need to Do to Gain Weight?

  1. hi im 21yr old male and im 6ft tall and only 140pounds, how many calories do u think i should be eating on a daily bases, 2,000 to 3,000 or more?

  2. cortedan2000, dont bother asking "expert" village, this youtube channel is bullshit, they give LESS than 5 minute videos without alot of info. and i bet they wont get back to you with your question, cuz they dont care.

  3. im 6'2 200 and if i dont have about 4,500 a day i lose weight like crazy, im 18 but it took me 2 years of STEADY eating and liftin to get to 200, i was 5'11 135 so just a skinny guy, still have the teenage small wrists and ankles and what not but i drink shakes with 2,000 calories so the more the better bro

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