Obamacare to Cut Health Insurance Costs in Half for New Yorkers

spring wife’s New York State is a state that since 1993 has already had regulations about not about a a
preventing insurance companies from denying you
insurance because a pre-existing conditions and as such because it had no mandate insurance rates were particularly high
in a in New York if you didn’t get
employer-based insurance well according to The New York Times study done at a New York the governor
announced on Wednesday that individuals buying health insurance
on their own will see their premiums drop by at least 50 percent state insurance regulators say
they’ve approved rate for 2014 that are at least 50 percent lower on
average those currently available in New York
State beginning in October individuals living in New York City who pay a thousand a month or more for
coverage will be able to shop for health insurance for as little as three hundred eight dollars a month with federal
subsidies that cost will be even lower now I haven’t seen this study this is just
the report from the New York State more gonna hear more
about this as we go forward the new band a note that the new premium rates will
not affect the majority of new yorkers because most them get their insurance from either their union or from their
employer only those who have to purchase it on their own because the cost
individual courage has short only 17,000 new yorkers currently buy insurance on their own
about 2.6 million are ensured in New York State state officials are estimating is up to
as many as 600,000 individuals are gonna buy health insurance on their
own in the first few years now flaws in fact three-quarters of people be eligible for
subsidies available lower-income individuals here’s an example now you know that that
in these exchanges in New York State is setting up its own
exchange there’s a platinum gold silver and
bronze level of coverage different a amounts have coverage
different levels of deductibles eccentrics are an individual with an annual income of
17,000 will pay $55 bucks a month for silver plan which is the third level from the top person with a twenty
thousand dollar income will pay about 85 bucks
for silver plan someone earning twenty five thousand
will pay about a hundred and forty five month for several planned younger people
probably will end up getting a bronze I would you be closer to you akin to a
probably a a catastrophic health insurance plan I
am those least expensive plans may not offer as wider access to
different doctors and on top of that people who are making
less will be eligible to suck for subsidies which will reduce those rate
even more small business will be eligible for tax
credits and I should enhance their ability to
provide health insurance so this is a big deal I if these numbers bear out even half of what they’re promising in this
the report so that’s good news for those service in new york I am those view in Texas are a little more soal as it were text

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80 thoughts on “Obamacare to Cut Health Insurance Costs in Half for New Yorkers

  1. So what do conservative republicans say about any law that helps working class and poor people? “It is communism, socialism, and against the teachings of Jesus!”

  2. Obama extended the employer mandate to 2015. That's where the employer is mandated to provide health insurance for their employees if they employ 50 or more. However the individual mandate stays for 2014, Obama has vowed to veto the extension of the individual mandate. In Massachusetts, where the heritage foundation/Romney plan is already in effect if you can afford $300 a month for health insurance what you will find on the exchanges is the biggest pile of crap. High deductibles, no preventive.

  3. Wait if they read the bible once in awhile they would know that Jesus was huge on socialism. He constantly heals people without asking any thing in return.

  4. I think you should read that Bible again. Jesus healed people without asking for anything in return. But He didn't hold a spear to people's heads and force them to pay for their neighbor's healthcare.

    It's CHARITY when you give of yourself freely, it's SOCIALISM when the gov't holds a gun to your head, takes your earnings, feather the nests of bureaucrats and then giveS the remainder to the mob that keeps them in power.

  5. Very good point! But Remember, Christian conservatives don’t have to obey what Jesus said as long as they do what they BELIEVE Jesus SHOULD have said.

  6. Yeah they always forget the one part that said the wealthy people has the same chance of going to heaven as a camel had going through a a eye of a needle. As in the wealthy has no chance.

  7. Wow, you really need to read that Bible again. Many of Jesus' lessons were taught in parables. Trying to interpret them literally will only lead you to misunderstandings.

    But, do you now understand the difference between charity and socialism? If not, think of it this way, socialism is being charitable with other peoples money, after first filling your own pocket.

  8. I see it hard to make it more clearer when it says that camels have a better chance going through a eye of a needle, than a rich man going to heaven. It think it was made very clear in what the book said in that regard.

  9. Yes the idea of two men performing sodomy on each other strictly for pleasure being a civil right is a rather new idea.

  10. For me personally the really sad thing is I have recently become an atheist. Not because of what the atheist are saying but because of the lies and hypocrisy of the so-called Christians. What I found is that lies destroy faith. I continue to believe that morality is important but I no longer believe that morality comes from God or the bible.

  11. I am agnostic. In my honest opinion if there is a god then it is working a greater picture than what we mere human beings are working with. With the entire universe… Well fun fact that scientist found some evidence to support the multi universes does in fact exist. If there is a god we are talking about a being that is way beyond a mere world.

  12. Do you understand that as a Christian by tossing that out you are breaking your own rules and thus damning yourself to hellfire? Not the rules I had chosen as I am agnostic, but that is written right there in the bible. Those are the rules. You cannot cherry pick what you want and cut out those that you don't want.

  13. Maybe, but I'm having a hard time seeing the founding fathers write the words "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Anal Sex with another man."

  14. Currently a decent policy in New York is about $600/month. Anyone who thinks a decent policy will suddenly drop from $600/month down to $300/month is very naive. Here's the Obamacare strategy. Promise lower costs so Americans call the exchanges in October. And then have a bunch of sales people try to sell them a policy. Most likely New Yorks $7,200/year policy won't drop at all. Unfortunately most who don't have health insurance will look at the costs and what they're getting and won't sign up

  15. I'm sorry if I led you to believe that I approved of sodomy in any form, that was certainly not my intention.

    I can see sodomy is very important to you, so I'll take a lesson from the Bible and try not to be too judgmental.

  16. God damn Obama taking away my freedom to pay higher healthcare cost. What a socialist prick! What next? The fems going to take away my freedom to pay higher student loan rates? God damn bunch of freedom stealers….

  17. Republicans don't just want a system where people have healthcare, we want a system where people have the best healthcare. We want to help the poor and middle class, not create more poor and less middle class.

  18. And to you "the best healthcare" evidently entails having several million who get no health care services at all. Perhaps your definition of "people" is "very affluent people." I think you really mean "we want the best healthcare for the very few who can actually afford it."

  19. Okay people first of all
    A) Both Democrats and Republicans support the merger of state and corporate power, that is not capitalism, communism or socialism, it's something else…
    B) the welfare state was started by Otto Von Bismark in order to stop Marxism from spreading

  20. The WHO's list has been criticize and is actually incredibly flawed. The US has the best quality where WHO favors country that have better access. Doesn't matter how good the healthcare it just that if they can get it. The only real problem the US has is cost, the quality is great, the cost is high. While people like you want to give healthcare away to lower the quality I want the quality to be high an find away to control the cost.

  21. There are other factors besides healthcare the affect lifespan and infant mortality. Bordering a country like Mexico, which has high crime and is poor plays a role. If the US bordered a bunch of countries with low crime then they would have a couple more years added to their lifespan. It isn't like our lifespan is drastically lower, it is very comparable to the point you can't point at healthcare. That is analyzing statistics and facts, something liberals don't do.

  22. Liberals seem to think that the best solution is to give stuff away. Doesn't matter how good it is just as long as people have it. Everyone gets a crappy education but at least they have an education. Republicans, like myself, want people to have the best education, homes, food, etc. and want to control the cost so everyone can have it. We can just give stuff away and create a system that is developing now where the 1% do private options and the rest get the crumbs.

  23. I want the best quality in the world and I want to control the cost so everyone can afford it. Just giving it away will allow access for everyone but the quality will suck and the really good care will only be available to the super rich.

  24. Wait, what if there are more welfare then taxpayers ? Who will pay for the reduced health care ? I am a person who does not belong to any party, I am just adking a simple question ?

  25. Sir, I have to ask; can you give us your definition of what socialism is? Because if you equate socialism with taxation from the federal, local, and state governments, then I have to say you have no idea what socialism is. If you equate socialism with redistribution of wealth, then I once again have to say, you have no idea of what socialism is.

  26. What a crock of shit. Republicans wanting people to have the best education the whole time they are gutting any funding from education that they can? That bullshit line may work down at your local circle jerk, but anybody that is paying attention will get a full belly laugh at that.

  27. Conservatives and corporate "Democrats" took price controls OUT of the original Affordable Care Act proposal. Conservatives constantly cut funding to programs that provide services for the most needy and vulnerable people. I know. I saw group homes close and Medicaid wavers severely slashed in my state. Republicans and corporate "Democrats" only like to say they want to help the needy but do the exact opposite in reality. Which is is the better determinant of true intentions, actions or words?

  28. I can't help but think of FDR's "Let Me Warn You" warning to the public when reading your comments. Look it up.

  29. Not true.

    Private charity can always do more than gov't. Look at tsunami in Indonesia. The U.S. Gov't gave ~$300 million in aid, while the U.S. citizens gave over $500 million in charity.

  30. And you think working people without insurance are going to be helped by this plan? Please explain with specifics, because you know us mental patients need it all spelled out for us.

  31. Okay let me put it this way. I don't know if god is real which is why I put in a if to it. I do not belong to any major religion as think they really don't know what is going either. I will rather listen to what a scientist will say because they have evidence to back them up over a priest who has a strong faith in something with no evidence to back it up.

    I guess what agnostic I am leaning on is the, "I don't know and I don't think you know either."

  32. It worked before.

    Before the advent of the welfare state there were charity hospitals all over the country. Those without jobs or husbands were provide free healthcare.

    Today there are only a handful.

    I would point to St. Jude Children's Hospital as an example. No family of a child admitted to St. Jude is ever charged for anything.

  33. As I stated before charity is a fine thing. But charity requires that the "giving" be voluntary. It is not charity to hold a gun to ones head, take their earnings, LINE ONES POCKET, and then give the remainder to the mob who keeps you in power.

    The fact that you don't understand the difference between charity and socialism is striking.

  34. Once again, life expectancy doesn't mean a country has good or bad healthcare. The US is 5 years off from the top which isn't much considering all the factors involved, like Japan, which has the highest, is isolated on an island. Republicans do a great job and analyzing facts and statistics. Herman Cain got a BS in Math and he is a very successful business owner. Seems like he did a great job in analyzing facts. Also, infant mortality has been criticize from country to country.

  35. Giving money away doesn't help the economy so it doesn't help society. You can fund a program but if the economy sucks then no one wins.

  36. Not will not..you can not! Because you don't know anything about the affordable care act. The law was written by the health insurance industry through Buccus's aid, who then went back to work for insurance company. The fact that all you know is left right (right wing congressional cock blocking) shows your ignorance. Get out of your MSNBC propaganda bubble and you might actually learn what the AHC actually is. Typical phony liberal!

  37. Ok, once again the WHO list has been criticized by doctors and professionals in that field. It is a flawed list. More importantly, you can't compare one country to another. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th ranked countries on that list have a combine population that is less then every state in the US. With such a small population it is easy to set up a great system. Malta doesn't face anywhere near the problems that the US has. So you can't compare the US to any other country.

  38. With infant mortality not every country follows that WHO standard so they can't be compared. How about you read up on some things before you judge a list.

  39. As I said, prior to the welfare state there were charity hospitals in almost every community.

    No body is denied "critical" care in this country because you cannot be denied admission to an emergency room.

    If you want to get down in the weeds, in a single year the 174 non-profit hospitals in Ohio provided over $2.2B in un-reimbursed services to the poor, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

    You can go state by state and look up the rest for yourself.

  40. No, Republicans look at statistics and lists and try to find out where they come from. A country like Malta has little problems to deal with so healthcare is easy for them. Unlike a liberal like yourself republicans like to look deeper into a "problem" and get creative in fixing it to develop the best system possible, if there is even a problem.

  41. Yes I understand how the system works.

    I pay health insurance premium up to 4 times what I should so that poor people can go to the emergency room when they have a cold.

    The truly poor qualify for medicaid.

    In my state my taxes pay for insurance policies for every child who's parents do not have insurance and do not qualify for medicaid.

    But you've gotten way off the topic. Private charities could take care of the poor better than the welfare state.

  42. I am working on my masters of education right now. I recently dropped out of the PhD program of physics after 2 years (even though I receive good grades) to become a teacher, personal reasons. Now, I am very educated as you can see, now lets talk experience. I have worked with the 1%, the middle class, and the very poor. I can elaborate but character limit prevents me. Tell me about your experience.

  43. No wonder Republicans were shitting all over themselves. Their big insurance lobbyists are going to be regulated and forced to compete for a change! Funny part is the insurance companies will have to compete with each other for policy holders. You know the way capitalism is SUPPOSED to work.

  44. Blah blah blah. You do know in insistences where the outcome is the favorable one people want, the ends justify the means right? Save your speculations until they come to fruition and accept present reality.

  45. I was looking for information about this healthcare plan because I don't understand it. Thanks for the post Sam

  46. How about the fact that this is a 4.6 billion year old earth that has gone through climate change long before man was on it. Or that Bush pushed for climate change while both president and governor and his house is more environmental friendly than Gore. Or there has been a increase in science research under Bush and a republican congress. Maybe because we like to spend money on progress and not just run our mouth about it.

  47. Of course not. The Constitution both provides the gov't with the authority to tax and proscribes what those taxes may be used for. No where does it say that the gov't can use the tax code to redistribute wealth.

    But let me ask you a question.

    If you farm all day in the hot sun and raise more food that you can eat, while I sit under a shade tree and smoke pot. Should I be entitled to some of your food?

  48. How did the poor survive before those programs.

    But you didn't answer my question. Are you going to deny me the food you worked to grow or am I entitled to it?

  49. You say you would not let me starve yet I'm not entitled to your food?

    In other words you want to be charitable while denying me an entitlement.

    That's all I want.

    Prior to the welfare state, people who did not work did not eat, unless someone was charitable. And many were. But few were charitable to someone that refused to work when they were able.

    Today we pay welfare to millions of able bodied, unskilled Americans while we import millions of Mexicans to do farm work.

    Good idea?

  50. Only a few radicals feel that the world is 8000 years old, those people unfortunately are a part of the GOP but are in the minority. Bush said climate change is happening and it is scary. He pushed for more use of alternative energy and it is getting there. What did Obama do? Oh, that is right, Sylondra.

  51. I have no problem with charity.

    But, you didn't answer my question, again.

    We pay millions of uneducated, unskilled Americans to NOT work, while importing millions of millions of Mexican citizens to do unskilled labor.

    Is that good policy?

  52. And that guy later resigned because of that. A lot more then what we can say about Cantor for the Obama administration. Oil is good, it is used for more then just a source of energy and really it is the best and cheapest we have now. Get rid of oil and have fun pay a lot for shipping because hybrid semis can't make it up a mountain. The GOP has pushed for "green" policies, they are not stupid about it. Under them we have seen an increase in alternative energy.

  53. What choice do we have?

    Well if we wanted to discourage hiring illegal aliens then we could increase the penalty for doing so.

    What do you think the rate of bank robberies would be if the only penalty was to pay a small fine out of the money you stole?

    The entitlement system created a situation where unskilled Americans do not have to do manual labor. This creates a shortage of laborers that is filled by illegals aliens.

    Gov't "charity" has created the problem, using my earnings to fund it.

  54. Actually, that is exactly why we should get rid of it.

    Gov't has zero incentive to see any "lazy American take up those jobs." Those welfare recipients are actually gov't employees. They are employed to do nothing.

    But unlike a private business who would go bankrupt if it kept millions of unproductive workers on the payroll, the gov't does not. Or at least it will not go bankrupt while it has the power to print money and finance its failed model on the next generation's back.

  55. Actually its tried and true method to keep up spending at the bottom, circulation drives capitalism, Its imperfect to be sure, but most things are.

  56. Actually it is not. That type of "pump priming" can have a effect at the beginning of a recession. But the effect is to flatten the curve. The slower the decline the longer it takes. And the longer the decline is the longer it takes to recover.

    Taking money out of one person's pocket and putting into another's does not create growth, it stymies it.

  57. I was curious about how many people on welfare work b/c everyone always says "the vast majority work and are struggling" but the ppl I know on welfare don't get out of bed before 4pm. So I looked it up:

    In 2003, 28% of TANF recipients worked within the past 12 months.

    This is not shocking to me at all as it sounds about right. This includes ppl with physical or mental disabilities I might add.

  58. That is called politics. A huge part of the voting base of the GOP are fundamental Christians so they will say stuff to please them. As mentioned before the GOP pushes for a lot of science research. Cantor pushed to double the funding for medical research. Actions speak louder then words. It is like Obama saying he supports gay marriage simply because a huge part of his voting base is the gay even though he can't do anything about it and should be concerned with the economy.

  59. OK so 28% of TANF recipients work. You'd think that most SSI and disabled people don't work either, right?

    So you're down to SNAP: how many of these people work? Granted, I'd assume that more people on SNAP do work but I don't know. Either way, it seems that, in fact, the majority on these comprehensive programs don't work even if 100% of those on SNAP did.

  60. Bush just didn't want to spend federal money on stem cell research, we only have so much money. Brazil also has a terrible economy. This whole spending a ton of money isn't going to help. Put it simple, the economy was great rom 94-2006, when republicans controlled congress with moderate presidents, in 2007 a bunch of radical democrats took control in Pelosi and later Obama, look at the economy now. You can preach all you want about solutions but in the end we need a strong economy.

  61. Bush spent plenty of money on stem cell research. He just didn't want to fund "fetal" stem cell research. The reason was it takes money away from "adult" stem cell research that has proven effective at treating over 100 different diseases from neurological problems to diabetes, whereas "fetal" stem cell research has succeeded in producing ZERO treatments.

    It's just like the left. Find something that is working like "adult" stem cell research and steal its money to support more abortions.

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