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Onco Support was my formula to help
address the needs of the oncology patient, whether they are receiving
chemotherapy or not. It uses a very flavorful base of powdered
lecithin, powder nutritional yeast, and powdered kelp powder. The combination
of these three powders has a very good flavor which makes it quite appealing to
most dogs and cats when mixed in with their food. It also provides a lot of
the nutrients that they may be losing through their cancer or through
chemotherapy. It contains the medical mushroom Agaricus Blazie, which is the
subject of many studies in Asia, supportive of the cancer patient. In fact
many of those studies in Asia use the Agaricus concurrently with chemotherapy.
It also contains l-glutamine which has been found to be very helpful for oral
mucositis associated with radiation of the head and neck. It also can help
with the intestinal mucositis that we get secondary to chemotherapy
administration. The Onco Support also contains several plant-based
antioxidants such as green tea. It also has substantial levels of
Silymarin. Silymarin being the extract of the milk thistle plant. Silymarin
has been found to have potent antioxidant properties, but also has been
found to actually have apoptotic properties. It actually has antineoplastic action as well as being found to be cancer-chemo
preventive as well. Green tea is probably one of the most widely studied
and widely used antioxidants in the world and has also been found not to
interfere with with chemotherapy. It contains fairly low levels of some of
the pharmaceutical antioxidants such as Vitamin E, and Sodium Ascorbate, and
Selenium as well.

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