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all right so welcome to Protein Treats
I’m so glad you guys are joining me today how many of you have ordered in
pizza cuz you can’t figure out what to make or it’s such a hassle to make pizza
crust you gotta let it rise you got to go and put it all out on the pan then
you got to get all your ingredients put it on and then bake it well what I have
is a high protein super low carbohydrate really high in fiber pizza that tastes
absolutely amazing and we’re doing a super cheat here we’re actually gonna
mix it all together and we’re gonna make a pizza casserole so hang in there stick
with me it’s gonna be delicious trust me on this so you’re going to need for your
dry ingredients and you want to sort of think crust here so you’re gonna need
1/2 a cup of chia seed half a cup of flax seed you could use 1 cup of either
and you’re gonna need 1/4 cup of coconut flour you’re gonna need a teaspoon each
of baking soda and baking powder that’s gonna make your your crust a little bit
lighter it’s gonna let it rise a little bit and we’re gonna go ahead we’re gonna
mix those dry ingredients in but then we also have over to the side we’ve got at
least 2 cups it’s actually a little generous 2 cups here of an unsweetened
pasta sauce and this is a spicier pasta sauce but you can really use any one
that you want and make sure it doesn’t have any added sugar so for example mine
has about 1 gram of sugar per cup and then we’ve got 6 whole eggs that we’re
gonna mix together and then all your pizza toppings the kind of stuff you
like to have so in our case we have chorizo but you can use just a regular
pepperoni I have some ham here that I’ve chopped up into pieces and then some
yummy vegetables so I have purple onions or red onions I have green red and
yellow peppers I have some mushroom and then I have some spinach so we’re
gonna mix all this together we’re gonna make an absolutely amazing pizza
together and I’m gonna show you how it’s done so we’re gonna start our dry
ingredients over here I’m gonna put my chia seed in now I’m going to put in my
coconut flour and my flax seed get that all in there and my baking soda and my
baking powder now if you want you can add extra spices so you could add some
garlic powder if you wanted or onion powder or parsley or whatever you want
it in here today we’re gonna keep it pretty simple so you’re just gonna mix
it up just like this doesn’t have to be perfect what’s so great about flax Chia
and of course coconut is they’re really low in simple carbohydrates but there
really high in the fiber we need and that’s gonna help us feel really full
and an added bonus of chia it has really great omega-3 fatty acids in it plus
tons of fiber so really great so we’re just gonna mix that and now we’re gonna
go ahead and we’re gonna put our eggs in and we’re just gonna whip our eggs a
little bit we’re just gonna beat them a little bit so that they’re nice and even
now I’m using whole eggs here if you wanted to reduce the calorie count even
more then you could use egg white instead but you want it to be the
equivalent of half a dozen eggs we’re gonna beat the eggs a little bit break
up those yolks and get it nice and even you want to make sure you get everything
mixed really great no yoking around here make sure you do an excellent job all
right and then we’re gonna actually add our pizza sauce right to it we go mix
that all together give that a quick stir and then we’re gonna add our dry
ingredients into our wet ingredients and this is what makes this such an insanely
simple recipe to do you can whip up pizza for your whole family so fast now
for some of you you are gonna want to make this recipe
in half because we have a big family we have lots of people we are doing a
double recipe here so you can go ahead and do half of what I’m doing and it
will turn out perfect so here we go we’re just gonna mix this all together
keep mixing you have to remember that things like your chia seed your flax
seed and your coconut flour all retain a lot of moisture so they’re actually
gonna soak up some of the pasta sauce that you’ve already put in and look at
this this looks amazing now you should have your oven preheating at 350 degrees
so that you’re ready to pop this in once you’ve thrown all your ingredients in so
we’re gonna do this super simple we’re actually gonna put everything right in
here except for our cheese I’m gonna put my meat in my ham and all of my yummy
vegetables okay Bluebird time I forgot to put in
the most important part which is of course our natural Nutralean
protein so sorry about that guys if you make the same mistake at home don’t
worry about it just go ahead take your scoops of protein and put them right in
so I’m gonna go ahead and I’m just gonna kind of sprinkle it as evenly as I can
across the top so now that I’ve kind of mixed already we can mix it still okay
so here we go and I’m gonna remix sorry about that everybody one of the nice
things about using natural nutrient is that it actually mixes up nicely so once
you have everything mixed together then what I use is parchment paper so I’ll
put parchment paper into my pan that keeps the the bread that we’re making
from sticking and it works a lot better than trying to spray your pan now I’m
using a really large baking pan here that has it I would say a little over in
an inch along the sides if you want you can actually use a nine by 13 baking pan
or cake pan and that would work just great especially if you have to the
recipe once you have it pretty smooth like this you can go and put pizza on it
or sort go and put cheese on it just like you would any other pizza perfect
this looks so good you guys it was so easy it took like two seconds to put
this all out on the pan I’m gonna put it in the oven now and we’ll see you guys
in a couple minutes alright guys our pizza just came out of
the oven it smells so good in here now I’m just gonna get one little piece out
look at this so yummy you’ve got the easiest pizza ever and
it’s so good for you it’s so good for you it’s gonna feel like cheating let’s
have a bite and see how it tastes hmm
this is so delicious guys you’re gonna love it I would love to hear your
comments and how yours turned out I hope you guys come back and see us next week
when we come up with a really cool protein treat again
all right guys enjoy your pizza and have a great night

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