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9 thoughts on “PERFORM: Raw plant protein & BCAA explained!

  1. Is it really that good? If so I’ll try it, I just don’t generally like the flavours and find them hard to drink. Thinking of trying it though… maybe.

  2. It is very easy to digest just finishing my first bag of vanilla it takes a couple of times to get used to if you’re used to whey but definitely worth trying ,will be buying again

  3. It contains stevia extract which is dangerous for fertility. It would be perfect with just pea protein hemp protein and plant based bcaa all the rest is unnecessary and taxes the body to detoxify. I understand that taste is important for marketing reasons but on the health side it is a pity. You could create a product with the three ingredients mentionned above and call it vivolife perform raw square.

  4. I have just ordered this protein i'm looking forward to trying. I have been on a plant based diet for 3 year now was only going to try it for a month and i haven't looked back its been the most clear 3 years life in terms of whats good food and bad food. Currently going back to gym to put my diet and myself to the test. Last time i went i ate a ton a meat a week and felt shit all the time.

  5. Do they sell samples, like single serving pockets? I don’t like to buy something without trying. I’m afraid I might don’t like a flavor. I just don’t wanna waist $60. What kind of sweetener do they use?

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