PERFORM: Raw plant protein & BCAA explained!

this is vivo life perform this is by far the best protein powder I have ever had the main reason is because it digests so well and mixes up so perfectly so it contains 25 grams of plant-based protein and it’s fermented fermentation is the key here that’s what makes it so digestible with a lot of other protein powders especially plant-based protein powders that I’ve had I get very bloated afterwards and when I have this I can hardly even tell that it’s in my smoothie other than the fact that it just like kicks the flavour up a few notches it’s so good it also contains turmeric extract which is a really powerful anti-inflammatory so that helps you to recover even faster so after my workouts I usually have people I’ve performed with a couple bananas some frozen berries some flax seeds and some greens and then I just mix that up with some water and I always recover really really well so I’m able to go out there and smash it again [Music]

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