PINEAPPLE | How to cut a whole fresh PINEAPPLE

Welcome everyone. Deronda here with foods 101. I’ve received many requests on how to cut a fresh pineapple and also facts about pineapples. So I’m going to cover that today. Pineapple is a superfood. That’s right. It’s loaded with lots of vitamins minerals nutrients such as vitamin C vitamin, B6, magnesium, potassium, antioxidants, and much much more. It’s low in calories with no cholesterol. Zero cholesterol. It’s a superfood. When buying a pineapple choose the one with a firm plump body without bruises, soft spots, and darkened eyes. The dark and eyes are these little things right here. If these are dark you know your pineapple is past its prime. Choose a pineapple golden in color from its butt to its crown. Make sure you give it a lovely little smell. And if it smells like a pineapple, which this one does, then it’s gonna taste like a pineapple Also, you can store your fresh pineapple here on the counter top up to two days. Let me show you how we’re gonna cut this up. I know what you’re thinking…if you can pull a leaf out easily. All right. I can’t pull that one out easily. I really can’t pull this one out easily. I really can’t pull that one out easily. But we know it’s a ripe pineapple due to the color of the outside of our pineapple. Be sure and use your nose to make sure you’re getting a super fresh pineapple. With a serrated knife or a chef’s knife. I’m going to remove the crown of the pineapple and you can discard this, because the leafs are not edible. We’re going to cut the bottom or the butt of the pineapple. You’re going to cut it about a half an inch from the bottom. You may want to twist it around to the side. For the side we’re going to make thin little slices about 1/4-inch in right down to the bottom of our cutting board. You see that and then we’re going to continue cutting until we have this sides of the pineapple removed. Looky here. For these little end pieces go ahead use your knife to remove the little brown pieces that you see throughout your pineapple, because that’s not going to be pleasant to eat. If you could smell how fantastic this is. Look how juicy. look at that beautiful color. I’m gonna clean up my mess over here. If you want to cut and serve your pineapples in rings, you’ll slice it like this and you’re gonna cut out that core, because you’re not gonna eat this. This is kind of tough and not pleasant. Now you have a ring of a pineapple. My favorite way is to slice it down the center. Then we’re going to quarter it. Quarter it again with the knife. We’re going to remove the core of that pineapple and your knife will just gently slide right through the tenderness of the pineapple and the core of the pineapple. You can serve it in spears like here. And again, we’re gonna remove that core. Let your knife just let it be your guide. Cut into half inch pieces. Now you have chunks of pineapple. Look how fabulous that is. By the way, did I tell you that a pineapple is considered a berry? Yes, it’s considered a berry. Store your pineapples in sandwich or snack sized bags, or in an airtight container. I gotta give these a try. Mmm…lovely, sweet, & absolutely delicious. Perfect for the pineapple lover. A cup of this tropical superfood pineapple a day just may keep the doctor away. Store in the refrigerator up to three days. I’m Deronda with foods 101. Give me thumbs up. Leave me a comment. Hit that notification bell to be the first to get my new youtube food videos. Thanks a million for watching and I’ll catch you lovely people later…

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7 thoughts on “PINEAPPLE | How to cut a whole fresh PINEAPPLE

  1. You are really skilled when cutting pineapple, Deronda. You have the sweetest southern hospitality, my dear friend. What do you recommend when topping your spaghetti?

  2. I like the spears when I cut mine, it's pretty easy. I use the serrated knife, a large bread knife. I have a green plastic one that's pretty strong. My favorite pineapple is if I put a dab of butter in my pan and brown it. It gets sticky and that butter with that juice is warm comfort. I mean it's like candy! I wish I could have it every. single. day. They are 2/$5 at my store right now. A lot of people have Never cut their own! Funny. Now you 'did it' I'm going to crave warm pineapple upside down cake. Just one piece. I have never made that with the fresh, but a great idea!

  3. Hi Beautiful Deronda πŸ’œπŸ’• boy o Boy does that pineapple look Delicious! Thank you for all the tips 🍍 this is perfect for any dayπŸ’• thank you for brightening up my dayπŸ’œ many many Blessings to you always Deronda ❀ I love you πŸ’œ

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