Plant-Based Proteins

– Okay moving on, we want
to talk about something that’s become more and more
popular, plant based proteins. Today I’m learning about why
choosing them at mealtime, can be a healthy
addition to your diet. (upbeat music) I’m with chef Elizabeth
Alfano, who is going to answer all the big questions
about plant based protein. Now Elizabeth, the
really exciting news is that plant based protein
sometimes has more protein and more nutrients than
animal based protein. – Absolutely, and not
only that, it doesn’t have cholesterol, and
it does have fiber. But the key is you’re not
getting saturated fat. – [Jane] We think oh plant
based protein is tofu, but it’s so much more than that. You have tons of
options out there. – Yes, lentils, legumes, so
that’s all kinds of beans, nuts even things like
broccoli and mushrooms. They’re all going
to have proteins. Today we’re going to be having
tempeh which is fermented soy beans, so good for you. – Some people say plant
based protein diet, I’m not a vegan, I’m not
a vegetarian, but really it’s not just for
vegans or vegetarians, it’s for everybody. – Oh gosh yes, it’s
absolutely for everybody. And you can start slow. You know just try
meatless Mondays, or even just try breakfast
maybe two or three times a week, that doesn’t
have bacon and eggs. It’s really just a healthy
way to start your day. – Is there a magic amount
of protein a person should have in the day? – If you do want to
count your protein grams, for a man you want to get
about .8 of your weight in kilograms, and
for a woman about .6 of your weight in kilograms. And we really are
getting more than we need because some people
think that it only comes from animal based products
but it’s not true. It’s in lentils, and
legumes and beans, and nuts and it’s even in
mushrooms and broccoli. – So the best way to
really modify your diet or try something
new, is to try it. – Yes yes. – So you have a great
recipe that’s plant based and it is stuffed peppers. – So let’s get into it. (upbeat music) What you’re going to see
today is that the only reason meat tastes the way it does,
is because of the spices. So that’s what we’re gonna
do, we’re gonna spice up our peppers so you’re not even
gonna know the difference. – [Jane] First up,
chopping half an onion and three cloves of garlic
and adding them to a pan. – So this isn’t on a burner,
we’re just doing this for camera, so that
everybody can see, but usually this would
be on a stove top burner. Then I’m going to
chop some mushrooms. They are great for you and
they add flavor and taste. – And they have protein. – And they have protein. – So this is simmering. – This is simmering.
– On our pretend burner. – Yes and then always
salt and pepper. Have a whole can
of diced tomatoes, a little bit of tomato paste. – [Jane] That’s followed by
fennel seed, oregano, and basil then it’s time for
our star, the tempeh. – [Elizabeth] It’s very
much a blank slate. – So you pick it apart and it
kind of turns into crumble. – I’m picking it apart
really because I want it to mimic a meat sauce. So now I’m gonna do a
hefty five tablespoons of soy sauce, just kinda
coat that in there. And then smoked
paprika, and absolutely, if you really like it spicy you
can add some cayenne pepper. It is time to share our
base with our sauce. – When you’re cooking
it does it cook through or does it just need
to be heated through? – Well it’s just that you
want it to take on the flavors of the tomato and the mushrooms. Every pepper that we make
is going to have 15 or more grams of protein. – Elizabeth tops the mixture
with mint and green peppers. And we stuff our red
and orange peppers and send them to the
oven, 25 minutes at 350. Let’s talk about the biggest
lesson that we learned today about plant based protein. – Okay so plant based protein
is easy and accessible. It gives you a lot of
nutrition, lots of fiber, no cholesterol, no saturated
fats, and gobs of protein. – [Jane] Elizabeth,
thank you so much. I can’t wait to try this. – [Elizabeth] My pleasure. – If you’re cooking with
a plant based protein, show us your recipes. Tag us on Instagram

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