Pres. Moon orders aides to review working with China and allocating supplementary budget to cope

wonderful thank you very much ji-hyun
for that now president moon jaein has weighed in on the high levels of air
pollution gripping South Korea at the moment he told his administration to do
all they can to minimize the effects of the fine dust and to contact the Chinese
government so they can hopefully work together to come up with some emergency
countermeasures so he can all breathe a little easier let’s go straight to our
presidential office correspondent Shin Semin who’s standing by on the line for
us salmon just tell us what the president
had to say great mark earlier president moon jae-in called for action on the
crisis of bad air quality across the nation he also ordered emergency
measures with a Chinese government long length for the bad air that blows into
the Korean Peninsula as a way of countering what has become at now a
national crisis now the president also calls for a Korea China joint artificial
rain plan to wash away the fine dust particles from the air something he says
had already been agreed upon by the environment ministers of the two
countries again MARTA such a joint action comes as China is blamed for a
large portion of the dirty air and yellow sand that blows in leading to a
haze of pollution in Korea and he also brought up the issue of devising a
better forecast system that will help join more people more notice at
beforehand and if necessary the president even raised the possibility of
allocating an emergency supplementary budget to have lowered the amount of air
pollution over the nation and if approved that extra finder will be used
to add more air purifiers at public locations like schools and kindergartens
and also to financially support joint projects with China to improve the
air quality now the president also told us aides to consider the early shutdown
of fossil fuel plants aged over 30 years all-in-all mark these measures by the
president are just another indication of how serious this issue is and that too
the administration is using all possible means to crack down on this issue and
perhaps make the air more breathable but as for how efficient they will be in
actually clearing the air we’ll have to see mark

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