PROPER MASS GAINER! !أحسن خلطة بروتين لزيادة حجم

Today, is a continuation of the previous video im making a proper mass gainer shake if you were following, the last video i made was about an insane mass gainer i saw on facebook it was like 7g (14 lbs) in total weight lol the macros were nuts the protein amount was in fact dangerous people were commenting saying maybe that shake was to be devided over a month’s period first of all, how do you save a protein shake for a month? that stuff goes bad, you cant make a shake and keep it there for a whole month usually shakes even stink horribly after 2 days even if its refrigerated so to say store it for a month simply doesnt make sense another guy said maybe this shake was to be split over several parts throughout the day well, the reason i made that previous video was because someone had already asked him, coach, is this shake to be taken in one shot, and he said yes! so when i make videos, i make sure of what im saying plus my intentions are good, i do the videos to help people people can harm themselves listening to bad advice so my video could have saved someone that guy had 900g of protein in that shake that’ll blow your kidneys lastyly, i never do videos unless i was sure of the info i saw. i double check all the time. And today im doing a proper shaker as an alernative to a mass gainer and the reason i say alternative is because mass gainers are full of junk, save your money. most of them are literally sugar in a tub with poor grade protein theres no health benifits, no vitamins, rarely any fiber and it flat out makes you fat! sugar, dextrose, waxymaze so lets focus on this shake right ere’ so we’ll start with some water first thing we have organic strawberries, raspberries, blue berries this mix is a perfect blend of anti oxidents which is very healthy this is half a cup we’re putting, 1…and 2 so one full cup so half a cup would have 20 g of carbs 7 grams of protein and there’s barely any fat and this is just strawberries i like it because i like to separately pick my strawberries about half a cup and another half i like strawberries so add another 20g of carbs now we’ll add whey protein isolate 1 scoop 25g protein and this here we have powdered oats blue berry flavor so thats another 20g carbs and i like me some banana, good source of potassium and for fat nothing better than good o’l peanut butter 1 table spoon about 15 g of fat so now we have a shake with a total of about 20g of fat 40 to 50 g of protein and 90 to 100g of carbs its a good healthy shake, calories are high enough for an off season mass gainer you can have two of those a day all you need that will be costly is the protein tub the rest of the stuff you can get from the supermarket and you dont need to add sugar, because the fruits are gonna give you the flavor you want first time i use this blender nice color and thats a good shake right here! mm states good you can increase calories by adding more peanut butter you can even add a scoop of icecream if you’re in your off season and you’re a hard giner there are many ways to make a shake but basically today i just gave you the basic guidelines on how to go about making one what you can also add is some vegetables like spinach super healthy, a good source of iron too and other vitamins here’s to my first real off season and see you next time! dont forget to subscribe mowgli wants to say hi he likes being on my videos now isnt that right mr. mowgles?

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10 thoughts on “PROPER MASS GAINER! !أحسن خلطة بروتين لزيادة حجم

  1. عندي سؤال البروتين ضروري في الشيك هذا اذا مافي بروتين ايش البديل

  2. انا اقول رايي. بصراحة.. جسمك غير متناسق ابدا اي ان التضخيم مبالغ فيه و غير معقول و باين انه جسم رجل غير طبيعي. و الافضل ان يكون اقرب الى الطبيعة مثل اجسام ممصلي ثيامة ارطغرل مثلا

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