PROTEIN BALL HEALTH FRAUD How To Cook That protein bar recipe

Welcome to How To Cook That
I am Ann Reardon Today we are making protein balls. Every social
gathering I have been to lately someone has bought along protein balls and talked about
how wonderfully healthy and good for you they are. So lets take a look. Most protein ball recipes have some nuts today
we are using blanched almonds you can use any nuts or a nut butter. and you can find
all the recipe quantities for what I ma using for this recipe on the website
and I’ll put a link in the description below. Then we’ve got dried fruit, I’m using raisins
today, then trail mix which has a mixture of nuts and seeds in it and some cacao nibs
and protein powder and the one that I have here is an unsweetened one.
Add all of the ingredients into a food processor, it is really simple to make these. Turn it
on and process it and you’ll see at first it just chops it all up into pieces. But if
you just leave the processor running and continue to chop it all up it gets to be a finer and
finer texture and eventually forms a sticky ball.
Portion the mixture up evenly into 14 pieces and then roll each one into a ball.
From there you can either leave them plain or add goji berries to the outside, roll them
in coconut or cocoa powder or chopped nuts. Now if you were to eat two of these protein
balls you would get 8.8 grams 0.3oz of protein which is OK it’s
about 1/5 of what most people need in a day. It will also give you 16.6g or more than 3
teaspoons of sugar. And 14g of fat, it is at least mainly unstaturated fat (which is
the better one for you) with only a little bit saturated. Lets compare that say with drinking a glass
of skim milk. The protein content is the same. So if you want a protein boost you could just
drink some milk. The sugars here are lower and the fat is nearly
zero. If we wanted to match the fat content of the protein balls. I don’t know why you’d
want to but if we did. Then we’d need to eat a small fries with that. And even that is
not enough fat to compete with the two protein balls. So eating two protein balls has more
fat in it than a maccas fries – I bet you didn’t expect that. That is nearly 3 teaspoons
of fat. In their defence the protein balls are high
in fibre with nearly 5g of fibre in two protein balls. Lets get rid of the high fat fries and add
in some raspberries instead. That’s better, a protein boost with plenty
of fibre and virtually no fat. Now that’s a healthy snack. As a dietitian and a food scientist it bothers
me when foods are marketed as healthy and really good for you when really they are not
that great. My motto is if you are going to have an indulgence,
make sure it tastes amazing and just have a small amount of it. Subscribe to how to cook that for more crazy
sweet creations that taste a whole lot better than protein balls,
Click here to go to the channel, here for last weeks video and here to go to the website.
Have a great week and I’ll see you on Friday. [music: the boat song by setsailtv]

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100 thoughts on “PROTEIN BALL HEALTH FRAUD How To Cook That protein bar recipe

  1. The real problem are people thinking they need so much protein while they don't. Drinking milk to get your protein? No. 

  2. I'm a big big big fan of you ! You are full of creativity and I hope to be like you one day ! Keep up the good work !

  3. @How To Cook That I love your videos and recipes and I think you are amazing and I wondered if you could make a video on how to make a giant Crunchie bar. Thanks xx

  4. when I checked the nutritional values of the skimmed milk in my fridge, they had abt 6 g per 200 ml. it is only 2 g less than a protein ball but it isn't the same

  5. Can you make a pokemon cake I love pokemon can you make it in pokemon that have their trainers beside them and put my favorite

  6. Hello Ann, my birthday is Friday 1-23-15 and I need the perfect birthday cake and I was thinking if you can make a white and solid chocolate with a letter K or number 8 in the middle of a cake! Please! Thank you!-Karelis

  7. Milk is so overrated. I love your regular videos, don't get me wrong, I'm a fan! But to say that drinking milk from a cow is better for me than nuts and seeds seems ridiculous. I wouldn't have added the protein powder (I never do personally), I stick to all natural ingredients, so that alone is better. I would've added almond powder or any gluten free flour instead. Humans drinking milk from a cow is as unnatural as eating McDonalds fries. I'll choose nuts over a glass of milk and fries any time.

  8. Perhaps protein balls are aimed at a group that is often overlooked, those in need of excess fat and calories.  Examples of people who fall into this group are extreme endurance athletes and cystic fibrosis patients.  These sorts of people usually turn to processed foods which give them the calories they need but also large amounts of sodium, sugar, saturated and trans fats, etc.  Protein balls could fill their caloric needs without the excesses they don't.  I do agree that protein balls shouldn't be viewed as a "typical" healthy snack, but they can still do good for a lot of people.

  9. In one of your videos I saw a blonde boy that I do cronulla nippers with. I think his name is Matthew m. I forgot his second name. What a small world it is. I'm guessing he is friends with your sons.

  10. Thank u so much for making this video. I really love cooking and should have picked cooking for one of my year 9 subjects. I made rocky road the other day and it was delicious now I know I can make this and have it before training is great. Homemade recipes are great. My friends mum makes protein balls, and she was going to give us the recipe but now I'm glad I can use this recipe so thank u. My dad is always saying you are what you eat so these will be great as a yummy treat

  11. There are healthier options than eating a protein truffle. Is eating a protein truffle better than eating (gram for gram) the usual truflle and are they made to be as tasty? If so then I guess you could say protein truffles are a "healthier" alternative to normal truffles given a better distribution of the core nutrients carbs, protein and fats. To sell it as a health food though is not the best idea as "healthy" would imply an overall balance of nutrients as for known health foods, that which most truffles lack anyway. 

  12. Really, if you eat meat then you don't NEED protein, heck, nobody has ever had a protein deficiency. Most people who do actually add extra protein into their diet are body builders or people who are really into fitness, and the fats in it are actually good for them. But honestly, you may as well just make some creamy avocado pasta or spread some avocado on some toast (I think the avo would taste better)

  13. I was just watching baking/cooking videos and i saw this video and said ooh i love this and watched more videos from you and then i was like im subscribing

  14. when I make these I don't even use protein powder, I just use nuts, dried fruits and cocoa powder. Is it even worse?

  15. I have a question, is there a better way to make these protein ball healthier and better for you, I cant drink milk so I try to find better ways of eating protein and I like to have healthy snacks, with out trying to stuff myself with a meal of protein and also have something that would be on the go.

  16. Why are people crying about how drinking milk is animal cruelty? This is a baking channel she uses milk, eggs, and butter in most if not all her videos! Why is the fact that she suggested milk so bad? If you don't like the use of animal products watch something other than a non vegan baking channel. And stop trying to make others feel bad about consuming it.

  17. Isn't the fat from the protein balls, from nuts? That's way better than the fat  you get from fast food french fries. Still, I don't know if children need that much fat, I'm thinking of adults.  I'm hearing about having good fats in your diet.  You know I live in the States, and I never heard of protein balls, protein bars, are what most people eat here. Yet the balls are  smaller and more portion controlled, I hear what your saying about things being marketed healthy when they are just the latest craze.   I know you should have more good fats in your diet, like avocados and a few nuts, for good fat burning, right? Who knows, maybe that's another health craze.  I love your videos, and your such a smart mommy.  Will be tuning in to your videos, Thanks.

  18. oh thank you for saying something about these odd little balls. I don't even know what's in protein powder or where to get it. I do think I would like the chocolate and almonds though! 

  19. Natural fats are actually pretty good for you and your heart, assuming that you exercise enough.  Milk, while it can also be healthy, can sit in your gut for awhile.  it is also sometimes called "dead food"  which is where cancers like to grow.  (not really important unless you drink a lot of milk or eat a lot of animal products in general without enough vegetables (fibre) to keep things moving along)

  20. I try to stay away from foods that have a commercial because those foods are usually not the healthiest.  If fruit is marketed then that's a different story but processed foods like crackers and even juice I stay away from

  21. Since you mentioned you were a registered dietitian, I'm guessing you know a lot about nutrition. It would be really nice if you could start a little series with healthier dessert recipes. 🙂

  22. What's really annoying (and something I think should be illegal for manufacturers to do) is to have ridiculously small serving sizes. For example, I was in a chemist and I was reading the nutrition info of some raspberry and blackberry jellies. There were about 17 calories per serving, with a little bit of fat and some carbohydrates (nearly all from sugar). I thought that they were pretty healthy BUT the serving size was only 2.4 grams (1 jelly) with there being nearly 40 serves in the entire packet. So that's annoying when they use tiny serving sizes to make thing appear healthier.

  23. Things must be diffrent in where you live because the fires wouldve passed the fat like crazy lol wishing i lived there 😂😂😂

  24. Imo 8.8 grams of protein is depressingly low for something called a protein ball. Yes, they're not the healthiest thing ever, but it's a quick way to get calories in when you don't have much time

  25. i figured nuts were supposed to be good for you.  good fats and what not.  if the fat and sugar content is more from the protein powder then you could simply switch the protein powder that has no sugar or carbs or fats.

  26. Hi Ann I just have a question I want to make these protein balls but I don't know where to buy protein powder and kakalnips in Canada can you tell me where to buy them.

  27. Yeah but the fats from nuts and fruits are healthy fats… those fats in protein balls are way better than the fats found in mcdonalds fries……

  28. Thank you for making this video. I really hate the way some things are marketed in particular protein bars and balls like these. Thanks much for doing this.

  29. Thank you!! It bothers me that lots of foods are marketed as healthy and really they are not!
    Totally agree with you about acknowledging that you are having something indulgent – small but packs a flavour punch!!

  30. I get your point, Ann, but of course protein balls are healthier than fries. You get other vitamines and other good stuff in protein balls.

    Thing I really don't get is this: How some people think that drinking cow milk is the most unnatural thing ever? Would someone explain this?

  31. I stay away from words like "healthy" because they're usually emotionally driven and forget the fact that not everything is for everyone. That protein ball, while high in fat, had fats from whole and (I'm assuming) natural nuts and fruits. That's netter for your body than saturated fats, high in sodium and useless fats and sugars. You can't possibly compare fats from whole, natural foods to those in greasy fast food.
    Also, different bodies need different things. If I'm calculating my personal macro nutrient (protein, carbs, fats) and I require a food that has decent protein levels, some carbs but higher fats (to meet my goal) those protein balls would be a perfect snack for me. And people especially adults usually need more than 40/50 grams of protein a day. Those are acceptable but we all need about twice that for optimal fitness and health.
    So, protein balls, fries, cake, candy, fruit, etc. can be "healthy" if they fit a person's desired dietary needs. Regardless of how sugar and sodium loaded they may be, if we budget the rest of our diet accordingly, sweets and indulgences are fine.

  32. THAAAANNK YOOOU, Ann, for this video. I 100% agree with you. I'm all about eating right and exercising but when people push these protein balls on me I usually say "No Thank you." These health nuts want you to feel bad for eating a brownie but in reality, the protein balls are not much worse. Everything in moderation.

  33. I have no idea where you received your education on nutrition, but eating more nuts is associated with reduced risk of heart disease. If the calories are the problem, then cut back on something that is less healthy instead.
    P.S. I'm also a medical student.

  34. The Naked Dietitian approves! Though these are high in protein, fat, and carbohydrates, the fat content is absolutely different from the vegetable oil in french fries. Though terrible for someone wanting to lose weight, great for guys like me trying to add on muscle.

  35. it's natural healthy fat! It's the nuts that have all the fat and the dried fruit has lots of sugar, again natural. Sounds like having deep fried processes potatoes is better apparently.

  36. Fat isn't actually bad for you and if sugar is accompanied with fibre it slows its release into the bloodstream which means that your insulin spike is lower.

  37. As a nutritionist you should know that the sugar in the protein balls is natural (assuming all your ingredients you start out with are clean and organic). The sugar in skim milk is not natural at all. Actually skim milk is very highly processed and if you make protein balls using good quality healthy ingredients they should not be processed almost st all. Also a good nutritionist would never compare the fat in protein balls to McDonald's fries that threw any credibility out the window. Using nuts, coconut oil, natural sweetness (like raw honey or dried fruit) and good quality unsweetened cocoa you would be far better to have good healthy protein balls than a glass of processed, sugar added skim milk. I'm sorry I love your videos but this one was highly misleading and very inaccurate.

  38. I'm not a dietician or a food scientist, but I'm seriously irritated by the food industry's mislabeling. That mislabeling leads to unhealthy people, and unhealthy people leads to many, many other issues in our society. I'm glad you did this video, and if you could do more videos like this one in addition to what you normally do it would be truly fabulous. I may take this as inspiration and become a dietician someday ^.^ Thank you, Ann.

  39. Nothing wrong with nuts and nothing wrong with raisins and seeds! there are fats in nuts, but good fats. olive oil has good fats too(and I know no one will say olive oil is unhealthy). There is sugar in raisins but then again all fruit has sugar. Question is are nuts, seeds and fruits unhealthy? well of course not!

    in your example you say milk and fruit is better becuase it has no fats but we are talking good fats which the body needs, I'm sure no one could possibly survive on milk and berries alone. without healthy fats you would die!! both are good to have in your diet!!. (what I think sums this video up is the following example) high levels of potassium can kill and saying bananas are a health risk is ridiculous!!

  40. its funny because there are two kinds of people in the comments, some that are like "thanks for this!!!" ands others with a little more common sense that are like "well all the ingredients in the protein balls are quite healthy and natural"

  41. The natural sugars and fats in those protein balls ARE healthy. Milk is not 👎 its full puss and I'd never drink a full glass of puss for "protein" when I could just have some peanut butter toast.

  42. Ann, I'd really love to see more videos featuring food and nutritional science, please make more in the future!
    Love your work!

  43. Protein balls are meant for people who work hard at gym everyday. We need fat, protein and sugar. No, you can't lose weight while eating them or you shouldn't include them in your "diet". I work 3-4 hours at gym per day, 6 days a week and these are amazing snack. Especially if you are vegan, like me.

    Also, i'm not into 'fitness', I powerlift so these are amazing for me. 😀

  44. Alright I see lots of people complaining about the milk.

    So how about instead you eat some delicious lima beans? They have lots of protein.

  45. This really answered my drawback, thanks!

    There are some fascinating time limits on this video but I don’t know if I see all of them center to heart. Theres some validity but Ill take hold opinion until I look into it further. Good video , thanks and we want extra! Added to FeedBurner as effectivelyonce more} to watch way more, thanks for that info.

  46. Update: I love you Ann but this is giving false information. No way is drinking skim milk good for you or any milk for that matter and I'm surprise being a nutritionist you promote it as being good for you? Milk is not good for anyone as it literally blocks the absorption of calcium, it dyed white to look more appealing and it's stolen from a mother cows whom are constantly being impregnated over and over again and having their babies stolen from them so they won't drink her milk! The dairy industry is a cruel and vile place so please stop labeling it as "good for you" were not meant to drink fluids from other beings! And as far as these bliss balls go, they're far from unhealthy for you not mention you made them wrong! You use caco powder, dates, and almonds and maybe some oat flour! They are healthy for you and meant to satisfy a chocolate craving.. no one said straight fruit isn't better than these, however sometimes people just want something sweet that's also chocolate and healthy! I think you got this one wrong, sorry. You made them completely WRONG and you misunderstood why they're were being made.. and they ARE healthy! Milk is NOT!

  47. Thank you for talking about the actual content of these things. Some are not bad, and as a replacement for straight candy they are not the worst thing you can do but so many people don't realize that there are so many better options that are simpler and taste so much better. Great video.

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